10+ Short Mohawk Hairstyles for Adults and Children

Neat Mohawk Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Adults and Children

If you look at celebrities, metal singers, athletes, and hipsters, you will find mohawk hairstyles on them. Mohawk is a haircut that makes men more edgy, manly, and relaxed. Because of this, the mohawk hairstyle is very popular with some men.

The mohawk style suits those with curly, straight, or wavy hair. This hairstyle can change your appearance drastically, of course, for the better.

If you have been thinking about getting this masculine haircut, please check out some hairstyles you might like. Check out the list that has been compiled below!

Neat Mohawk Hairstyle

This haircut is popular among band members because it makes a person look bold. Besides that, mohawks are often chosen by people bored with innocent hairstyles. For those who are curious about what Hairstyle Trends you can try, here is the explanation:

1. Highlighted Mohawk


Highlighted Mohawk

Men have black hair; there are times when this color looks boring. By using a mohawk style, you look more stylish.

Highlight the ends of your hair with a light color, such as blonde or brown. If you are bolder, there’s no harm in using neon blue, green, or other colors that make every strand of hair look attractive.

2. Short Mohawk



Short Mohawk

Mohawks tend to have haircuts that seem messy. But if you’re too lazy to care for it, why not try this short mohawk model?

To get a stunning appearance with this hairstyle, you must completely trim your head’s sides. Leave long hair on the top of the head. You can comb it back to create more hair volume.

3. Upswept Cut Mohawk

Men’s hairstyles from the 90s inspire this mohawk Hairstyles for Adults and Children. You can find upswept cut mohawks on techno musicians and rappers. Indeed, his characteristic looks like a brat, but this hairstyle makes a man’s appearance even more dashing.

You shave the top part back until it is short. Meanwhile, the front of the hair doesn’t need to be touched. That way, you will form a long topknot.

4. Permed Mohawk

Even though most hipster men use this hairstyle, you can still look classy with a mohawk. This model is best suited for men with curly or wavy hair.

A permed mohawk can be obtained by shaving both sides of the head until it is thin. Let the front, top, and back form like curls of hair that are voluminous and fluffy. This hair does not require high maintenance and is suitable for those who don’t have time.

5. Fauxhawks

You will get a firm and masculine jawline appearance with this haircut. A fauxhawk can be achieved by cutting off half of the sides of the head and then shaving a little on the top of the head.

The results look sensational, perfect for men who prioritize their appearance. This mohawk hairstyle is also easy to maintain and looks dynamic for today’s modern life. Everything will be more unified if you have a beard or sideburns.

6. Undercut Mohawk

This short mohawk hairstyle combines a basic mohawk and an undercut. The classic undercut will make your appearance more masculine. Make the top of your head thicker with your Cool Hairstyle Ideas.

Trim it so the front is sharper and more dominant than the back. So that your hair has sharper tufts, you need to use water-based gel. Comb upwards to make the mohawk’s topknot thicker and more attractive.

7. Wavy Mohawk

The shave is similar to a permed mohawk; only the hair strands are fluffier. Getting similar cuts is very easy.

Your naturally curly hair will provide thick volume. Then, finish by shaving the sides until they are skinny. The results are extreme and extraordinary.

8. Taper Fade Mohawk

Mohawk can make the face look thinner and sharper. Your appearance will automatically be classy if you use a taper fade mohawk. This marvelous hairstyle is suitable for those of you who have short hair.

If you want to get it, you must trim the head’s sides and back to the same thinness. Leave long hair at the top. Try to cut the hair thinly according to the shape of your face so that the results are not strange.

9. Square Top Mohawk

As the name suggests, this mohawk has a square-shaped top of the head. But that’s what makes the hairstyle more dynamic and cool. This cut suits those with straight or curly hair because getting this style is easy.

You only need to shave on the right and left sides until it is thin. The top of the head is made like a square. Then, comb upwards so that the hair becomes more fluffy and thick.

This haircut is widely used by men who live in urban areas because the style can make you look fabulous.

10. Swept-Back Tapered Quiff

Men with thick top knots always look dominant. This haircut, which children and adults can wear, creates a bolder appearance. At first glance, it looks similar to a fade cut. The difference is, the top hair is made longer. Then, comb it down to tidy it up.

Considering that this hair works better on those with long hair, it is recommended that you lengthen your hair first. However, it’s okay if your hair is still short and you can’t wait to try out this hair straight away.

If you need hair for an important formal event, this hair could be the answer.

11. Asian Style Mohawk

It is called Asian style because this long mohawk hairstyle is widely worn by adult men who live in Asia. His hair is long and combed in a unique style, so the hair looks soft and thick.

This hairstyle helps make a round face look slimmer and sharpens the jaw’s shape thanks to the head’s dominant top. The results will be maximum if you have a naturally straight haircut.

However, straight hair tends to fall quickly and cannot maintain hair volume for a long time. It would help to use hairspray or wax to keep it from changing. This hair is effortless to style, and there is no need to shave the sides of the head.

12. Vintage Mohawk

Style your hair upwards to add volume. This hairstyle, inspired by the style of the famous musician Elvis Presley, is suitable for those of you with thin or thick hair. Modify your hair by trimming a little on both sides, then combing the rest upwards.

13. Top Colored Mohawk

If mohawk highlights only give color to a few ends of the hair, this mohawk provides shade to the top of the head. Gradient hair colors make your appearance even more striking.

Make sure to choose a hair color that is connected so that the results are excellent. You trim a little hair to tidy it up.

Choose a long or short mohawk hairstyle from the list above. Mohawks are suitable for men of all ages; they always look attractive. Which mohawk model do you want most from the list?

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