107 Bing Image Creator Prompts To Create Images

Bing Image Creator Prompt

Bing creator image prompt, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E, is an innovative tool that generates AI images based on trigger text.

Prompt for Bing create image

In this post, we’ll explore what Bing Image Builder is, how it’s used, launch details, and tips for writing better triggers. Finally, we’ll provide a comprehensive and powerful list of 100 image triggers to inspire your creativity.

Bing Image Generate

Launched by Microsoft, Bing Image Generator is a powerful tool that allows users to generate AI images using text triggers.

By entering descriptive text, AI will generate a series of images that match the given description.

To get started, visit, where you can sign up for a new Microsoft account or sign in to an existing account. New users will receive 25 generations of improvements to Image Creator.

Writing a Better prompt for Bing create image

To produce stunning images with Bing Image Creator, it’s important to provide detailed and creative triggers. Bing suggests using a combination of adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles to create more effective triggers.

Bing create image prompt guide

  • Adjective (feathers) + noun (creature) + verb
  • (wearing glasses) + Style (digital art)
  • Adjectives (e.g., Feathers)
  • Noun (for example, creature)
  • Verb (for example, wear glasses)
  • Style (for example, digital art)

The more specific and imaginative your triggers are, the better the AI-generated images will match your vision.

You can check out this guide for more information on how to write better image generation prompts.

107 AI Image prompts that Can be Used in Bing create image

No Prompt
1 Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art
2 Ancient, Egyptian temple, adorned with hieroglyphs, photorealistic
3 Friendly, robot, serving coffee, 3D render
4 Surreal, underwater garden, filled with glowing plants, digital painting
5 Steampunk, airship, soaring above forest, CGI
6 Haunted, Victorian mansion, shrouded in fog, gothic art
7 Abstract, geometric pattern, illuminated in neon colors, vector design
8 Cyberpunk, city street, bustling with neon signs, matte painting
9 Majestic, mountain range, basking in sunrise, landscape photography
10 Minimalist, black and white, architectural design, 3D render
11 Vibrant, tropical beach, dotted with palm trees, watercolor painting
12 Enchanted, forest, teeming with magical creatures, fantasy art
13 Solar system, planets, orbiting in alignment, educational illustration
14 Retro, diner, surrounded by vintage cars, 1950s Americana
15 Serene, Japanese Zen garden, featuring a koi pond, ink drawing
16 Realistic, portrait, depicting a historical figure, oil painting
17 Whimsical, hot air balloon festival, floating above landscape, digital art
18 Colorful, graffiti, adorning urban street, street photography
19 Post-apocalyptic, wasteland, strewn with abandoned vehicles, concept art
20 Art Deco-inspired, interior design, showcasing elegance, 3D visualization
21 Satirical, political cartoon, highlighting current events, hand-drawn illustration
22 Dreamy, galaxy, swirling with stars, space art
23 Modern, geometric, animal design, vector illustration
24 Snowy, mountain village, nestled near cozy cabin, holiday card
25 Energetic, sports action scene, capturing motion, dynamic painting
26 Gothic, cathedral, bathed in moonlight, detailed sketch
27 Psychedelic, spiral pattern, pulsating with color, digital art
28 Whimsical, fairytale castle, perched on a hill, watercolor illustration
29 Rustic, wooden cabin, enveloped by autumn foliage, oil painting
30 Sleek, futuristic car, zooming down highway, CGI render
31 Elegant, ballroom dance, frozen in time, digital painting
32 Vintage, train station, bustling with passengers, sepia-toned photograph
33 Extravagant, fireworks display, illuminating night sky, long-exposure photography
34 Detailed, world map, highlighting topography, educational illustration
35 Serene, butterfly garden, filled with colorful blooms, nature photography
36 Elaborate, steampunk clockwork, showcasing intricate gears, 3D render
37 Whimsical, woodland creatures, engaged in tea party, children’s book illustration
38 Atmospheric, jazz club, alive with music, noir-style painting
39 Action-packed, superhero battle, set in cityscape, comic book style
40 Ornate, stained glass window, depicting religious scene, vector design
41 Tranquil, mountain lake, reflecting surrounding peaks, landscape painting
42 Mythical, dragon, perched atop treasure hoard, fantasy art
43 Futuristic, space station, orbiting distant planet, concept art
44 Majestic, medieval knight, riding into battle, photorealistic painting
45 Intricate, mandala pattern, incorporating floral elements, digital art
46 Ai Image Prompts
47 Realistic, wildlife scene, showcasing a lion pride, nature photography
48 Vintage, film noir poster, featuring femme fatale, graphic design
49 Nostalgic, 1980s arcade, filled with neon lights, digital painting
50 Tranquil, desert landscape, featuring blooming cacti, watercolor illustration
51 Majestic, eagle, soaring through a mountainous landscape, oil painting
52 Modern, abstract sculpture, casting dramatic shadows, 3D render
53 Playful, underwater scene, filled with marine life, children’s book illustration
54 Mystical, celestial map, charting constellations, antique-style engraving
55 Dramatic, stormy seascape, with a lighthouse in the distance, acrylic painting
56 Atmospheric, abandoned factory, overtaken by nature, urban exploration photography
57 Vibrant, New Orleans street, filled with musicians, digital art
58 Intense, gladiator duel, set in ancient Rome, historical painting
59 Tranquil, aerial view, showcasing a winding river, landscape photography
60 Futuristic, cyborg, pondering its existence, concept art
61 Dazzling, northern lights, dancing across the night sky, long-exposure photograph
62 Quaint, European village, decorated for the holidays, watercolor painting
63 Action-packed, medieval jousting tournament, detailed illustration
64 Elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired, floral pattern, vector design
65 Serene, bamboo forest, shrouded in mist, ink drawing
66 Vibrant, tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife, nature photography
67 Surreal, melting clock, inspired by Salvador Dali, digital painting
68 Charming, English countryside, featuring a thatched cottage, oil painting
69 Atmospheric, film noir cityscape, shrouded in shadow, digital art
70 Intricate, Celtic knot pattern, featuring animal motifs, vector design
71 Lush, botanical garden, filled with exotic plants, landscape painting
72 Dynamic, martial arts duel, set in a temple, action illustration
73 Futuristic, Mars colony, showcasing human settlement, concept art
74 Whimsical, mermaid lagoon, filled with colorful coral, digital painting
75 Atmospheric, pirate ship, sailing under a full moon, acrylic painting
76 Serene, water lily pond, inspired by Monet, impressionist art
77 Dynamic, space battle, featuring futuristic spacecraft, CGI render
78 Stylized, geometric cityscape, reflecting in water, vector illustration
79 Eerie, haunted forest, shrouded in fog, gothic art
80 Realistic, anatomical illustration, showcasing the human heart, medical drawing
81 Bing Image Creator Prompts
82 Lush, terraced rice fields, glowing at sunset, landscape photography
83 Dramatic, volcanic eruption, showcasing lava flows, nature painting
84 Whimsical, treehouse village, nestled in a magical forest, fantasy art
85 Minimalist, black and white, ink wash landscape, inspired by traditional Chinese art
86 Atmospheric, film noir detective, investigating a crime scene, digital painting
87 Dynamic, breakdancing competition, capturing motion, urban art
88 Surreal, floating city, set against a starry sky, concept art
89 Elegant, ballet performance, frozen in a graceful pose, photorealistic painting
90 Intricate, macrame wall hanging, showcasing knotwork patterns, textile art
91 Vibrant, street market, bustling with activity, travel photography
92 Steampunk, mechanical dragon, soaring through the sky, 3D render
93 Serene, Monet-inspired water lily pond, reflecting the sky, impressionist painting
94 Majestic, phoenix, rising from the ashes, fantasy art
95 Action-packed, car chase, set in a futuristic city, CGI render
96 Stylized, tribal pattern, incorporating animal motifs, vector design
97 Vintage, World War II-era aircraft, soaring through the clouds, historical illustration
98 Modern, cubist-inspired, portrait of a famous musician, digital painting
99 Eerie, ghostly apparition, haunting an old mansion, gothic art
100 Serene, mountainous landscape, featuring a crystal-clear lake, oil painting
101 Surreal, M.C. Escher-inspired, impossible staircase, digital art
102 Atmospheric, abandoned asylum, overtaken by shadows, urban exploration photography
103 Realistic, tiger, stalking its prey, wildlife painting
104 Elaborate, Persian rug pattern, showcasing intricate designs, textile art
105 Dynamic, soccer match, capturing a decisive goal, sports illustration
106 Tranquil, lavender field, bathed in sunlight, landscape photography
107 Elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired, female portrait, digital painting
108 Whimsical, candy land, filled with sugary treats, children’s book illustration
109 Dynamic, motorcycle race, set on a winding track, CGI render


Write your prompt in the prompt writing box, then select create. You will be given 4 images based on your prompt and don’t worry if you run out of upgrades. You can still create images but they will output slightly slower.

Also try “Create a surprise” if you don’t know what prompt you want to use in Bing’s image generator.

With these 107 prompts, you have a variety of inspiration to create fantastic images using Bing create image.

Mix adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles to create your own unique prompts and unleash the full potential of this artificial intelligence-powered image generator.

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