15 Cool and Masculine Korean Men Hairstyles Like K-Pop!

Latest Korean Men Hairstyles

Korean Men Hairstyles

Looking at the popularity of Korean dramas and boy bands, chances are you’ve seen one or two of the latest Korean men’s hairstyles. If you look at Korean artists and actors online, most of them have hairstyles with bangs, parted in the middle, commas, and so on.

The characteristic of Korean men haircuts is that they can make anyone look youthful. Plus, the style is simple but makes dull black hair look even more striking.

Most Korean men have straight and thick hair, so it is easy to style. But there are also those with curly hair. If you are interested in trying to get a similar hairstyle, then this list below will help you find the right hairstyle!

Latest Korean Men Hairstyles

From slick back cuts, bowl cuts, messy cuts, comma styles, and so on, there are many options for styling your hair. Find the kind that makes you look more attractive with the most popular types below:

1. Short Perm with Center Part

Korean Men Hairstyles

This Korean Men Hairstyles is relatively light and easy to maintain. To get hair like this, you don’t need to have thick hair; of course, this is good news for those of you who have thin and straight hair.

This haircut is still classified as a basic cut, however, with the addition of slightly spaced front bangs. Men in Korea widely use perm shorts because they are efficient. To complete it, add a slight middle part, and your hair is perfect.

2. Two Block Style

Korean Men Hairstyles

Two block means a cut that divides the hair into two parts. The left and right sides of the head are shaved until thin. Then, the top is left alone without cutting anything.

You have to comb it to the right and left as desired. This look will make you even more charming and relaxed.

3. One Block Style

The second option for the block-style model is only to shave one side and the back of the head. Then you comb it to the side, so it becomes a one-block style. Cut your hair very short for a neat appearance.

4. Side Swept

If you need an extraordinary Korean men hairstyles, you can choose this cut with short sides. Cut one side of your hair thinly, and lift the top of your hair to give it volume.

This hairstyle will frame your face perfectly, making every feature of your look stand out even more. Comb hair to the side to create a softer, more balanced finish.

5. Retro Cut

Let’s go back in time to understand this hairstyle. Most Korean Men Hairstyles is inspired by hairstyles from the 90s because there is still a lot of hair from the past that looks fashionable when worn now.

Retro cut is achieved by combing short hair back. This will create a charming grunge-style look.

6. Taehyung BTS style cut

It must be admitted that Taehyung, a member of the boy band called BTS, does have a cute haircut. In fact, quite a few people praised his charming haircut. If you want to get a haircut similar to his, luckily, it’s straightforward.

You can choose a mop cut with medium length. The cut is intentionally unstructured to give attractive, messy hair. You can comb it to remove tangled hair; the result is that your face looks slimmer and sexier.

7. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut or crew cut hair, is a classic choice for many people. You’ll get a carefree, relaxed, and low-maintenance look. Cut your hair to relatively the same length according to the shape of your head.

This haircut can highlight your facial features, making it more attractive. You can adjust the cut to your personality for maximum results. The advantage of having a buzz cut is that it is easy to style this short hair.

You can even dye it any color to radiate the beauty of every strand of your hair.

8. Caesar Cut

There is another Korean men’s hairstyle that can provide an eye-catching appearance. Caesar cut will make your eyes stand out more thanks to its expressive cut. This cut shows off the sides of your hair.

Then, you can cut short or long bangs for a bolder finish. Caesar cut can also make your face look younger because this cut will frame the face and hide signs of aging.

9. Basic Dandy Cut

Do you like hair that is short and doesn’t get messy quickly? There is no need to think long; choose the supercut of your choice.

This cut is suitable for those of you who need more confidence with a broad forehead because this hair will make the forehead look more petite. Add long bangs just below the eyebrows.

10. Dandy Cut with Thin Bangs

If you don’t like bangs that are too thick, you can choose this thin bangs option. Another name for these bangs is transparent bangs, and Korean women widely wear them. However, men can also use these bangs to get a trendy appearance.

11. Korean Men’s Man Bun

Men with buns do look different. This doesn’t mean the appearance has become more feminine; in fact, men with buns look increasingly trendy. It’s not surprising that many people like this simple hairstyle.

You don’t need to cut your long hair. However, the hair can be tied and put in a bun for a neat appearance. It will be easier for you to carry out your activities because you won’t be bothered by long hair.

12. Ivy League Cut

Why is it called the Ivy League cut? The reason is that this Korean men’s hairstyle is inspired by the hairstyle worn by Ivy League students in the 90s.

This cut is relatively short but is made more interesting by the high fade. Even though the results are simple, this kind of hair is straightforward to care for.

13. Leaf Cut

The distinctive feature of this haircut is the charming curtain bangs. Bring a section of hair to the front of your forehead, then create cracks parted in the middle.

Cut in a sideways style to get curtain bangs. That way, the face looks smaller. Suitable for hiding a broad forehead.

14. Bro Flow Style

Getting a youthful hair appearance can be done quickly. Start by combing your hair back first. Let hair fall naturally and ignore your hairline.

Next, trim the hair to make it neater. The front can be cut short, while the back can be made faster. Bro, the flow style will make your hair look sharper.

15. Comma Style Hair

This hair is also famous among young men. You must have seen this hairstyle in Korean dramas. The comma haircut creates bangs at the front of the face. Then, comb it to the side so you have charges to cover half your forehead.

The haircuts that Korean Men Hairstyles have are beautiful, even though they are relatively simple. This Korean men hairstyles can be used as a reference for your next haircut.


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