23 Free Movie Watch Applications on Android or Laptop, Complete!

Cool and Entertaining Free Movie-Watching Application

Nowadays, there are many free movie-watching applications that you can use to enjoy various interesting shows. We don’t have to go to the cinema if we want to watch a film. We can watch movies at home easily and comfortably.

Apart from that, with technological developments, we can also watch films with the same quality as in the cinema. Many applications can be used to view these various shows, which will be explained in this article.

Cool and Entertaining Free Movie-Watching Application

Watching films is easy and cheap entertainment, especially now that many applications provide quality films. What’s even better is that everything can be obtained for free.

Watch movies on what applications? The following are a number of these applications:

1. Vidio

Free Movie

Video is a video streaming application that is popular in Indonesia. This application provides various content ranging from films TV series, to sports. Video offers subscription services as well as free access with ads.

Examples include the download feature, which allows users to watch videos without an internet connection. Video also offers exclusive content that can only be watched on their platform. This application also often broadcasts live-streaming TV programs such as sports and music.

2. Disney+ Hotstar

Free Movie

Disney+ Hotstar is a popular video streaming application in Indonesia. Various shows from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic are available. This application also offers local and regional content, such as Indonesian and Indian films.

It also offers two subscription services, VIP and Premium, at affordable prices. This application offers a download feature that allows users to watch videos without an internet connection. Also, Disney+ Hotstar often broadcasts live streaming of TV shows, such as sports, music performances, and other TV shows.

3. iQiYi

For Korean drama and anime fans, now is the time to switch to the iQiyi application, a popular choice for watching films. This free movie-watching application offers a variety of interesting content such as variety shows, TV dramas, animation, and popular films. With multi-language subtitles, you can easily understand the video content.

This application also supports offline cache and TV projection to enjoy a better viewing experience. iQiyi also offers a stunning large-screen streaming viewing experience. Even though there are some ads, overall, iQiyi is a recommended application for Korean and anime fans.


Don’t worry if you are unsatisfied with the cinema’s limited operating hours. The reason is that now there is a CATCPLAY+ application you can access anytime. This application offers a wide selection of the latest cinema films and series, updated weekly.

By using this application, you can save money and still not miss your favorite films. This app is available for users aged 12 and over and has a 3.3-star rating from more than 15,400 reviews on the Google Play Store.

Even though the rating is not that high, this application can still be an alternative for watching cinema films without going to a location.

5. Viki

Suppose you want to watch your favorite film but can’t because the cinema isn’t 24 hours a day, don’t worry! Use the Viki application, which offers a wide selection of the latest cinema films and series updated weekly. You can save money and still not miss the latest films.

This app is available for users aged 12 and over and has received a 3.3-star rating from more than 15,400 reviews on the Google Play Store. You can download it on the Play Store for free.

6. WeTv

WeTV is a popular free movie-watching application considered one of the best. With this application, you can find various WeTV original series that have been widely talked about, such as Imperfect, My Lecture My Husband, and Kite Putus.

Not only that, WeTV also offers various original series from Indonesia and films shown in cinemas, which can be accessed for free. This streaming application also offers a wide selection of films and series from Japan to Korea, which will satisfy your tastes.

7. MAXstream

For those of you who want to watch interesting films and TV series, try the MAXstream film-watching application. What’s more, as a Telkomsel network card user, you can easily choose various packages this application offers to watch your favorite content.

With the MAXstream application, you can enjoy various films and TV series that will entertain and fulfill your tastes. So what are you waiting for? Immediately download the MAXstream application and enjoy the experience of watching exciting and enjoyable films and TV series.

8. Netflix

Without a doubt, the most popular movie-watching application currently is Netflix. Many users have received positive reviews on the Google Play Store, numbering millions. Netflix offers various new and classic film services, including several original series that can only be found on Netflix.

Even though you can only enjoy it for free for 30 days with a Free Trial, Netflix is still an application in great demand because of its quality and content. So, if you want to enjoy quality films and series, Netflix could be the right choice.

9. Vision+

If you want the experience of watching quality local TV shows and foreign films of various genres, the Vision+ application could be the right choice. With this application, anyone can enjoy the most popular local television shows and box office films from within and outside the country. Apart from that, this application also provides various interesting features for the viewing experience.

10. Viu

The Viu application can be another option for Korean drama lovers to enjoy their favorite content. However, for Hollywood film lovers and others, don’t worry because this application also provides various films with complete Indonesian subtitles.

You can also watch popular TV programs such as MasterChef Indonesia and The Voice Indonesia for free. This application has interesting features like multi-device access and offline downloads to enjoy content anytime and anywhere.

11. TrueID

This film streaming application is really interesting and makes anyone interested. It offers high image quality in various genres. It started with drama, horror, comedy, anime from countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, and several short films from South Korea.

Apart from that, TrueID also provides interesting content such as talk shows, music, and TV programs that can be watched anytime and anywhere. With this application, you no longer need to look for download links or stream cinema films online, which sometimes needs improvement.

12. Genflix 2.0

Genflix is a free movie-watching application with a wide selection of the best content, including sports and films from countries such as Hollywood, Thailand, Korea, Europe, and Iran. You can also find Japanese anime, TV series, and the first window of the latest Indonesian films.

In 2014, Genflix even received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the film-watching application with the most complete content. This application allows you to enjoy quality entertainment without worrying about running out of interesting film choices.

13. HD Movies

The next application for watching films in HD quality is Movie HD. This application is popular among film viewers because it has a complete selection of films and features that make it easier for viewers. This application also provides various film genres, from Hollywood and Asian dramas to animated films.

The interface is simple and easy to use. Even beginners can quickly learn how. Movie HD can be an alternative for users looking for a movie-watching application with clear and sharp image quality.

14. Rakuten TV

This free movie-watching application is the best choice for European film fans. As a leading Video On-Demand platform, Rakuten TV offers TVOD (Transactional VOD) services that provide an engaging cinematic experience with various content.

Users can enjoy classic Hollywood movies with free local, exclusive, and themed content. Rakuten TV also offers easy-to-use features and an attractive interface, making the movie-watching experience more enjoyable.

15. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a movie-watching application that offers a wide selection of films and TV series for free. This application is ad-supported, meaning you will find advertisements that appear between films or during pauses. However, you can enjoy content with good image quality without paying a subscription fee.

Apart from that, Tubi TV also offers various genre choices such as action, drama, comedy, horror, documentary, and many more. You can find classic films and the newest ones here. This application is available for download on iOS and Android and can be accessed via the web.

16. Vudu

Vudu allows users to watch movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere from various devices. This application also offers an offline movie-watching feature so that users can enjoy content without an internet connection.

The Vudu app provides free or subscription options for watching movies and has quite a wide selection of movies and TV shows.

17. Vidsee

Do you like watching short films? Try visiting  Viddsee, a platform suitable for short film fans. The app will find award-winning short films, animations, documentaries, web series, and more. Most short films available come from Asian countries, and you can enjoy them free of charge.

Not only that, you can also easily find short films by local children that are difficult to find in cinemas or other popular streaming services. Apart from that, Viddsee provides special missions you can get by watching content and exchanging them for points that can be used to get unique prizes.

18. GoPlay

Want to stream the best movies? Try GoPlay, the newest film streaming service from Gojek, which is suitable for you. Even though the content is not as much as other streaming applications, this is normal, considering that this application was only released at the end of 2019.

GoPlay offers interesting shows such as the Indonesian film Wiro Sableng and other latest films. What makes GoPlay unique is its integration with the Gojek application and attractive promotions for service users such as GoPay, GoFood, and many more.

19. Mola TV

Want to stream football matches and other interesting shows? Try Mola TV, a platform originally known as a provider of sports broadcasts, especially football.

However, Mola TV has transformed by adding other interesting shows such as Hollywood, Indonesian films, documentaries, and TV series. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy all Mola TV features for free. You need to subscribe to enjoy all available services.

20. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video APK is the best free movie-watching application from the United States technology company, Amazon, which is famous for its e-commerce business.

This application has been around since 2006 and provides many film titles you can watch. The subscription price for this application is quite expensive, like Netflix, because it comes from the United States, but it is worth it with the content provided.

Apart from films, you can enjoy the best TV shows and Amazon Originals—for example, The Marvelous, Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, and more. You can also download movies and TV shows to watch offline.

21. PeacockTV

Peacock TV, the newest streaming platform owned by NBC and based in the United States, offers a collection of the best channels and films worldwide. While Peacock offers premium subscription plans for a fee, you can also enjoy thousands of hours of free content.

Releases from Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features dominate Peacock’s film catalog. Various titles are available, ranging from Erin Brockovich to American Pie.

22. ClickMovies

KlikFilm is a subscription and transaction-based free Indonesian film-watching application that provides services for watching Indonesian and foreign cinema films. Apart from offering the best-selling Indonesian cinema films, KlikFilm also offers various cinema films from abroad.

There are films from countries such as Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and others. Apart from that, KlikFilm also presents content from international film festivals and began producing its content under KlikFilm Productions and Falcon Pictures in February 2021.

23. FlipFlopTV

FlipFlopTV is an online entertainment streaming platform offering various interesting content, such as films, talk shows, and documentaries. You can enjoy your favorite content anytime and anywhere.

This application, developed by PT Sinema Digital Transformasi, offers new shows every week. FlipFlopTV itself focuses on local entertainment shows. This application provides content providers with the opportunity to publish their work. Interestingly, you can find different and unique content.

Watching movies for free is fun and profitable. However, of course, it must be done legally. You can get quality shows with the various applications above without breaking the law.

As users, we are really happy with free movie-watching applications. With the various applications mentioned, you can enjoy interesting films from within and outside the country. There is no need to go far to go to the cinema.

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