3 Ways to Check Tiktok Shop Receipts in the Application and via J&T

The presence of the Tiktok Shop in Indonesia in April 2021 added to the list of marketplace choices you can use for shopping. If you have tried it and are waiting for the package to arrive, you should understand how to correctly check the Tiktok Shop receipt.

So far, there is only 1 type of expedition used by Tiktok Shop, namely J&T. To check the receipt itself, there are several ways you can choose, starting from the Tiktok application directly, the official J&T website, the J&T application, to third party websites.

Check the Tiktok Shop Receipt

Without further ado, let’s look at the complete explanation regarding how to track Tiktok Shop receipts below.

1. TikTok application

Tiktok Shop

First, you can check the package receipt from the Tiktok Shop using the Tiktok application itself. The method is easy, but please see the following tutorial if you still need clarification.

  • First, open the Tiktok application by clicking on the icon on your smartphone and make sure you are logged in first.
  • Next, click on the Profile menu on the bottom right side.
  • Then click on the hamburger icon (three lines) in the top right to display the menu.
  • Select the Settings & privacy menu and click on the My Orders menu.
  • Since there are several tabs here, click on Shipped to see the packages being shipped.
  • Then click on the delivery status, which is right below the name of the sending store.
  • You can see the package’s journey from the beginning to its current position in detail.

2. J&T Official Website

Tiktok Shop

In the Tiktok application, sometimes the receipt is updated late, so it will be more accurate if you check on the official J&T website. Before that, you must copy the receipt number from the Tiktok application. The way to do this is to follow the tracking steps and click the Copy icon next to the receipt number.

After getting the receipt number, please follow the steps below to track it on the J&T website.

  • Open the browser application on your smartphone. You can use Chrome or something else.
  • Next, visit the following address:
  • Click on the Trace & Track menu.
  • Paste the receipt number that was previously copied.
  • Then press Track
  • Usually, the website will display a captcha, and you are asked to type it. Make sure to order the captcha correctly.
  • Click Verify
  • On the next page, you can see the delivery history of packages purchased from the Tiktok Shop.

3. J&T application

Tiktok Shop

There is a more practical way to check J&T receipts from the Tiktok Shop without copying the receipt, namely through the J&T application. This method is guaranteed to provide accurate results because the data displayed comes directly from the J&T server, just like the website.

However, there is one note that you must understand. You must first sign up or register on the J&T application using the same cellphone number as your Tiktok account. If so, you can follow the steps below to check the receipt.

  • Open the J&T application and make sure you have logged in previously.
  • Click on the My Orders menu at the bottom.
  • Next, select the For Me tab.
  • All packages addressed to you will be displayed on this page, including items ordered from the Tiktok Shop.
  • For tracking, you can directly click on the Track menu.
  • You can also find the drop point address and courier telephone number through this feature.

So, there are many ways to check Tiktok Shop receipts. Based on the explanation above, there are at least three alternatives that you can try. Very easy, right?

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