4 Kitchen Interior Design Trends with Sophisticated Features

Kitchen Interior Trend

Many homeowners are integrating new appliances and electronics with high-tech features. The latest kitchen interior design trends with sophisticated features.

In a study of the best kitchen space designs conducted by Houzz, it was found that most people want a healthy kitchen interior design. A kitchen that is able to accommodate the need to prepare healthy food, from fruit, vegetables, to the best home cooking.

Meanwhile, regarding the choice of design style, although contemporary interior styles are still very popular, according to reports and research, millennials prefer and choose the farmhouse style. Meanwhile, the baby boomer generation prefers traditional interior concepts.

A touch of technology is no longer something strange in modern kitchens.

For material selection, marble and quartz are widely used for reasons of durability and ease of cleaning.

And in terms of room size, the majority of kitchen owners prefer a larger size for their kitchen. Open concepts are becoming very popular; either open or integrated with other rooms or with nature.

The problem is that trends will continue to change. Although the study from Houzz provides an idea of what kind of kitchen design trends residential owners want, this is not a definitive measure. Kitchen design and interior concepts in general will continue to change.

The question is, what kind of kitchen interior design trends do many residential owners like today? Let’s give a little explanation.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior Trend #1: New Integrated/Integrated Appliances

A 2018 Houzz survey of more than 1,700 homeowners in the United States found that most homeowners admitted to being obsessed with making their kitchens more organized and well-coordinated.

Built-in cupboards, integrated garbage disposals, bars, are some of the kitchen design models that will be popular. Everything is integrated and possibly automated.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior Trends #2: Features and Materials (granite vs quartz)

Countertops are a favorite feature in kitchen spaces. Meanwhile, quartz is the most popular countertop material, replacing granite in popularity.

Even so, granite is still the main choice for kitchens in rural homes.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior Trend #3: Design Style

Transitional interior styles have emerged and become a way to bridge modern and traditional design styles. Apart from that, contemporary interior styles and farmhouse styles are also in great demand by residential owners.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior Trend #4: Technology

A touch of technology is no longer something strange in modern kitchens. Many homeowners are integrating new electronics and new appliances with high-tech features. Such as wireless control or voice recognition.

This preference continues to develop as an innovation, like a household assistant, replacing old and outdated technological models.

Kitchen Interior Design

So, those are the 4 best kitchen design trends that many home owners want.

The decision to follow a trend may be inevitable or unavoidable. However, it all depends on you, will you follow existing trends? or trying to create new trends according to your personal style?

It is important to remember, as the owner of the house and kitchen, of course you yourself know exactly what is needed for the kitchen interior in your home. What must be considered is; never forget about functionality. Although this is always a major consideration, it is often ignored in pursuit of appearance. Decide what works best for you and your needs.

So, are you ready to change the kitchen interior in your home to be more sophisticated, cool and functional?

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