9 Casual Sports Outfits for Women, Hijab Is Not a Problem Too!

One thing you want to feel when taking a leisurely walk is to be comfortable and relaxed. A suitable leisure walking outfit will make this happen. But of course, you still have to choose the right firm for your body posture and skin color.

What are the best combinations and matches women can wear for a casual walk? Below is a list of references. Who knows, you might be interested in trying one.


Wearing a hijab or not is not an obstacle to choosing the best outfit for a casual walk. Especially if you go with your crush or even your partner, who knows, you may want to look harmonious with each other so that everyone will be impressed.

1. Midi Dress vs Stilettos

The first reference combines midi dresses with abstract motifs in bright primary or floral colours. This casual walking outfit can be an alternative if you want to look feminine but not excessive.

For those who are used to wearing high heels, you can choose stilettos as the most comfortable footwear, but if you prefer flat shoes, that’s no problem as long as they make you comfortable when walking.

If you want a feminine look that tends to be sporty, choose sneakers and bring a small backpack.

2. Oversize Denim vs. 2 Tone Accents Pants

Oversized denim shirts are trending because they can be combined with any trousers or skirt. Combining oversized denim with two-tone accent pants is a unique but comfortable option.

Denim with a neutral blue jeans color while choosing two tones with striped or abstract motifs for trousers. Then, for comfort when walking casually, you can wear ballerina flats, sneakers or spool heels to add exciting details to your appearance.

3. Leggings vs. Sporty Crop Tops

The thing called leisurely walking is synonymous with comfortable clothes, including women’s sportswear that fits the body and makes activities limitless. You can choose a long-sleeved crop top with leggings and matching top and bottom colours.

Ensure the material absorbs sweat, especially if you want to take a leisurely walk in the afternoon as part of your exercise. Remember to wear sneakers or trainers to make it easier to move your feet when walking.

4. T-shirts Casual vs. Cargo Pants

Do you want something that is no less relaxed but also less complicated to wear? For those who like to wear T-shirts, you can choose a short-sleeved T-shirt with a crop top cut. Then, choose Cargo pants to perfect your casual outfit.

Choose matching pastel colours so they are more comfortable to wear and absorb heat. You can also choose a T-shirt with a distro motif and cargo pants with pockets on the right and left sides.

For shoes, there are many choices to choose from. We are starting from flat shoes gladiator heels, to sneakers for those who prefer the maximum sporty version.

5. Jumper Dress vs Sneakers

For the inside, you can choose a short-sleeved shirt with a slight floral motif and rubber sleeve ends, then for the outside, use a denim jumper dress, which will be a sweet collaboration. You have to bring a tote bag to add an accent to your appearance.

Remember mules shoes for those who don’t want the hassle of wearing heels, peep toe heels for feminine but still look strong. Or, for a more easygoing appearance, wear your favourite sneakers.

6. Camisole vs Bootcut

Using a camisole with a bootcut is no less unique if you want to look relaxed. However, wear outer cardigans or an oversized white shirt to be more confident. There is no need to wear buttons. Just make it external while still highlighting the camisole.

As for shoes, you can choose any type because this outfit is very neutral to wear anywhere and anytime according to the style you want to display. Whether you like sneakers or high heels, you will still look fantastic.

7. Slim Fit Jeans Sweaters

Next is a casual walking outfit for hijabs. Bright one-tone sweaters with jeans are the right combination to avoid fuss. Regarding the hijab, you can choose a pashmina or rectangular hijab with a simple model.

Or, for those who want to look simple, wear an instant hijab, push it up and use a brooch as an accessory. Don’t worry; when you choose plain sweaters, the hijab can be slightly patterned to make it look attractive.

8. Knits vs. Mom Jeans

A white shirt, as an inner layer combined with a transparent mesh knit, will be suitable as an outfit with mom jeans that are not too tight. It looks a little formal, but it will become relaxed when you choose sneakers or wedges as footwear.

9. Shirts vs Overalls


Overalls can be very comfortable to wear as part of a casual outfit. Just combine them with an inner or plain shirt in a contrasting color—for example, black overalls with a white shirt for a monochrome style. You can also have patterned overalls with a simple shirt.

It’s easy to choose a casual walking outfit. You need to make sure the clothes are comfortable to wear. There’s also no need to buy new clothes. Mix and match the clothing collection in your wardrobe to find the right combination.

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