9 Polite and Elegant Hijab Wedding Outfits According to Trends

Hijab Wedding Outfit Ideas

Traditionally, attending other people’s weddings, it is best to wear a kebaya. But, interest in wearing kebaya is now starting to decline because it is considered less practical. For those of you who want to look eccentric without being complicated, of course, you can choose another solution. Take a look at this collection of inspiration for hijab wedding outfits first.

Moreover, developments in the fashion world have now given rise to various kinds of cool clothing that can be worn for formal, semi-formal and casual events. That way, you can still look charming attending this special event, even if you don’t wear a kebaya.

Hijab Wedding Outfit Ideas

Currently, hijab wedding models are increasingly varied and suitable for women of all ages. That means the hijab is not an obstacle for women to look attractive. With a bit of creativity, modern clothes can be Muslim-friendly. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Pleated Skirt with Flowy Blouse


Hijab Wedding

The placket skirt has small folds, which make it look elegant. It’s best to combine these bottoms with a thin blouse. A blouse made from light material looks breezy and cool when worn.

As a recommendation, use a plain white blouse with a touch of ruffle and a dark pleated skirt, such as maroon, brown or grey. To complete it, use a sling bag and sneakers. As a result, you will look elegant and feminine.

2. Oversized Blouse for the Shar’i Look


Hijab Wedding

Muslim women who want to look sharia can certainly wear blouses. These tops tend to be oversized and not tight on the body, so it is easy to breathe and move with the blouse.

For a demure appearance, pair an oversized blouse with an A-line skirt. Even though it seems simple, this hijab wedding outfit idea is perfect for those of you who like practicality and minimalism.

3. Turtleneck Top and Flare Skirt

It’s not strange to hear the next outfit idea. Turtlenecks are synonymous with casual clothing items. However, there is no prohibition on wearing it at someone’s wedding. Moreover, the turtleneck collar could be more visible because the veil covers it.

To make this appearance look more chic:

  1. Combine this top with a drawstring skirt or maying skirt.
  2. Pair it with women’s boots to look elegant.
  3. Choose a veil color that matches your top.

This outfit idea is suitable for those of you who don’t want to appear too formal.

4. Cape Dress to Look Slim

The cape dress is a clothing item that was quite popular in its time. The neat cut of the sleeves and back makes it look like luxury clothing, even though the price is still relatively affordable.

Anyone definitely looks cute and elegant when wearing a cape dress. This unique dress shape also makes the body look slim. For the headscarf, you can use a plain rectangular hijab wedding or pashmina, which can be shaped into any style you like.

5. Tunic with Culottes

Identical culottes have wide, loose legs, so many are hesitant to combine them with a tunic. However, the combination of a tunic that hangs down to the knees and culottes is suitable as hijab wedding attire.

Tunics always exude an aura of luxury. Use calm colours so you look radiant and feminine. So that it’s not too crowded, you should choose plain white culottes. Lastly, add a pair of black or white shoes to complete this chic look.

6. Mermaid Dress to Look Elegant

No less beautiful than the previous hijab wedding outfit, this dress has a shape that resembles a mermaid’s tail. The fabric adheres to the body and accentuates the curves to the maximum.

Full women can wear this clothing, and it is suitable as evening wear for hijab wedding women. Just pair it with your favourite hijab wedding, and your appearance will look charming and seem expensive.

7. Tunic and Chino Pants

Chino pants can be used as a recommended wedding outfit if combined with a plain tunic.

Choose chinos whose color matches your top so that your appearance looks neater. If you want to get the illusion of a slim body, wear a thin belt and high heels.

8. Feminine Tutu Skirt

Wearing a tutu skirt can also be an option if you still need clarification. The tutu skirt has a brocade layer on the outside, so it looks elegant when worn for walking. A tutu skirt looks best when combined with a ruffle blouse.

Then, add a simple handbag and sandals. But adjust your appearance again with colours that you like so that you feel more confident when wearing it.

9. Outer Brocade to Add Beauty

One of the easiest ways to change plain clothes is to add outerwear. But not just any outer, but an outer that has a beautiful motif, such as outer lace. This outer has a vintage and classic feel, so it looks even more charming when paired with a floral skirt.

For the top, it is recommended to wear a plain long-sleeved top. Add a watch, necklace or other favourite accessories to make it look even more perfect.

Choosing a hijab wedding, dress or kaftan wedding outfit is now easier. Because there are more and more variations of clothing to choose from. The key is to wear the most comfortable clothes so that you feel confident when wearing them.

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