Advantages and Disadvantages of Wa Gb from a User Point of View

Whatsapp GB

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wa GB from a User Point of View – WhatsApp GB is an instant chat application you must have right now. This application makes it easy for you to connect with others via chat or video calls. Also, now there is a modified version, WA GB or WhatsApp GB.

Mods, such as WhatsApp, have modified many applications. So, the modified WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp. See the comments below for those interested in WA GB and who want to use it.

What is WAGB APK?

WA GB is WhatsApp with additional features you can install on your device. This application has been redeveloped and modified to have other features not previously available in the original WhatsApp.

Not only for communication but now many people use WhatsApp for other functions. The GB WA feature is file sharing, which allows them to send videos, photos, audio and documents using WhatsApp.

Who did it? A third-party developer, aka modder, developed WhatsApp GB. They set the original WhatsApp and added many exciting features, such as providing extra privacy by hiding online status, recording and typing.

There are many other exciting and valuable additional features. If you want to use WhatsApp but feel different, try WAGB.

GB WhatsApp Mod Application Description

Many Android applications are available on Google Play, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. WhatsApp is so popular that all Android and iOS users should install it on their smartphones.

gb wa


What’s more, WAGB has now come out as a great application with extraordinarily advanced features. WhatsApp GB is also one of the WA Mods still getting updates today, so users don’t need to worry.

Various superior features of the latest GB WA application

Before downloading and installing WA GB, you should understand what it offers. After successfully installing the application on your Android, you can maximize the functions of GB WhatsApp. Here are some of the advanced features of GB WhatsApp that you should know:

1. GB WA APK can auto-reply

WA GB has many features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t have, including the ability to reply to messages automatically. This feature is handy, especially for busy WhatsApp users, who rarely answer messages and make calls on their cell phones.

With GB WA Auto Reply, you can set WhatsApp to reply to messages automatically. You can also organize the message content according to your wishes. For example, a statement that you are busy and you will respond to the message when you are finished.

Therefore, the message’s sender will feel recognized because he understands what you are going through. You can set which contacts will get automatic replies, just some or all. 

2. GBWA Mod Apk has a Do Not Disturb function

The next WA GB feature is DND, which stands for Do Not Disturb or Don’t Disturb. What does that mean? So when you activate this feature on WhatsApp GB, there will be no internet connection interruptions, specifically for WhatsApp GB.

This GB WA feature is handy, especially for busy people who don’t want to be disturbed. For example, when doing complex work, studying for interviews, etc. After all, there is no need for any distracting busyness at all.

The DND feature is also helpful for gamers who want to play comfortably without interference, whether from WhatsApp from girlfriends, friends or parents. After all, WhatsApp’s constant ringing due to notifications can disrupt Android performance while gaming.

3. The GB WA Mod application can filter and delete messages

Do you want to filter messages and delete useless messages? Don’t worry, you can do it with WA GB. The reason is that WhatsApp Mod has a message filtering feature and deletes some unwanted messages. 

Letting chat logs pile up, especially useless ones, fill up the cache and memory. Therefore, it is recommended to delete it periodically so that the memory capacity remains in good condition. 

This kind of thing is different when you still use the old WhatsApp. If you want to delete a message, you must do it every time you chat. This certainly takes a long time, especially if you have a lot of conversation history between you and that contact.

4. WAGB Apk Mod Anti-Revocation Message

The following unique feature of WAGB is anti-revoke messages; even if the sender has been deleted, you can still see the message. WhatsApp has a delete message feature, aka delete message, which helps delete typos, wrong sends, or statements that were not sent.

The sender of a GB WA message can delete messages for himself and the recipient if the message has not been read or sent. However, you can only delete messages if the recipient has read them, but only yourself.

Using WhatsApp GB, users can view deleted messages, so they know exactly what they are. It’s different if you use old WhatsApp; once a message is deleted, you can’t get it back anytime.

5. The GBWA Mod application can send multiple photos.

Have you ever sent a lot of photos with WhatsApp? You should only send some pictures at a time. You will have to send several times until all images are sent. 

Of course, this takes a long time, especially if you have hundreds of photos to send. But there is no such problem when using WA GB. The reason is you can send many photos at once. 

It is said that you can send up to 90 photos simultaneously with GB WA. So you can send many pictures in just two or three sends. This often happens in the event documentation section, which must send snaps to other committees.

6. GB WhatsApp APK can send larger-sized videos.

The WhatsApp feature that can send files to other users is very welcome. However, users naturally want more, which allows them to send large files. But unfortunately, this has not happened or is not yet owned by WhatsApp. Therefore, you can only send small files. WhatsApp cannot send large files; the maximum is only 20MB.

Now, with WA GB, the files that can be sent via WhatsApp are bigger. Yes, you can send videos up to 50MB. If you send audio, the maximum size you can send is 100MB.

It’s less than expected, but this GB WA is better than the original WhatsApp. So, if you want to send files above 100MB, like it or not, you must use another method.

Such as email or assistance using data cables and other file transfer media. 

7. GB WhatsApp Mod Apk has unlimited WhatsApp themes.

The original WhatsApp is quite good, although some things could be improved. One of them is a minimal WhatsApp theme. There are only two themes in the original WhatsApp: dark and light.

Of course, users who like to change themes will feel annoyed by this. They may be entertained because they can still change the conversation wallpaper according to their wishes. However, it feels different because of its many choices of themes.

So, there is no need to be sad; you can use WA GB to get unlimited themes. This WhatsApp Mod provides many articles you can download and use for free.

8. GB WhatsApp Apk Mod can download WhatsApp Status

Have you ever seen a friend’s WhatsApp status and wanted to download it? Of course, you can only do this using regular WhatsApp. True, there is no direct download button, so you will have to use another method. 

For example, by activating the screen capture and screen recording functions. If you need help, you can use the GB WA application and the help of third-party sites. Whatever it is, it wouldn’t be that easy without a direct download feature for WhatsApp statuses.

The good news is a solution to this problem already exists, namely GB WA. WhatsApp GB has a direct download feature that allows you to download WhatsApp statuses easily and quickly. Downloads will be saved in the gallery and can be viewed offline.

9. The GB WhatsApp Mod application can customize the font according to preferences.

Apart from offering many themes, WA GB also provides many fonts or writing style options. Android offers several fonts that users can activate for introductory writing on cell phones, including WhatsApp.

But of course, the number of fonts available is minimal, and you will quickly get bored. If you want to change WhatsApp font freely, you can switch to WhatsApp GB.

Mod creators have equipped WA GB with various fonts, and users can choose according to their preferences. Chatting on WhatsApp with your favourite fonts lifts your mood so that you will use them for a long time. 

10. WhatsApp GB Mod Apk to send photos with the best quality

Have you ever sent a photo on WhatsApp only to be very disappointed? You should know that WhatsApp compresses the size of the images you send. Focused and reduced size, it can quickly be delivered to the recipient. 

The problem is that such a process also has a downside, namely the loss of image quality. Presumably, you have also felt that the original high-definition image suddenly became blurry. If you want to avoid this from happening, WA GB Mod is an intelligent solution.

This is because the GB WA application does not compress images sent via WhatsApp. Indeed, delivery takes longer. However, the result is worth it because the recipient gets a high-quality shot.

11. The WhatsApp GB Mod application can hide online status.

WA GB also offers better privacy features where you can hide things like last seen time, blue ticks, etc. This feature already exists in the original WhatsApp but has been improved in GB WhatsApp. 

Not only are you last seen and double tap, but you can also hide other statuses, namely online status, typing, and recording. This status will appear when you are online or open WhatsApp, write a reply and record audio.

Besides the 11 functions above, GB WA also provides many other functions. All these features can be found by downloading and installing the app. Don’t worry; with the premium features mentioned above, you can use this WhatsApp Mod for free.

Comparison of the original GB WA application with the original WhatsApp

To better understand why WA GB is better than the original, you can check the explanation in the GB WhatsApp form below:

Feature WA GB Original WA
Character length when creating status 255 characters 139 characters
Share documents at once 100 30
Media sharing 700 MB 100 MB
Hide last seen  Available  Available
Hide online status  Available No
Copy status  Available No
Download status  Available No
Anti-delete status  Available No
Various emojis  Available No
Diverse font choices  Available No
Supported languages 45 130
Sending empty messages  Available No
Custom theme  Available No
Multi accounts  Available No
Disable calls  Available No
Custom privacy  Available No
Airplane mode  Available No
Backup to Google Drive  Available  Available

Latest GB WhatsApp Plus v17.00 2022

Many developers have added GB WhatsApp features, one of which is GBApps Net, creating the GBWhatsapp Plus Pro application. The main function of this application is to disable voice/video calls.

WAGB iOS iPhone 2022

If WA GB Plus Pro creates a new function that cannot make video calls, then WA GB iOS iPhone creates more functions in the theme display.

If you use GB WA iOS, the WhatsApp interface will look like the display on an iPhone iOS, so it looks elegant.

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Installation Tutorial on Android and iOS

WA GB is an unofficial application or not from Google Play, so it is not possible to install the GB WhatsApp application directly. You have to set a few things to install the app on Android.

First, you have to allow Android to install the unofficial GB WA application, here’s how:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the “Privacy” menu.
  • Click Rights Management.
  • Go to Install Unknown Apps.
  • Select a browser to download GB WhatsApp, such as Google Chrome.
  • Next, slide the switch to the right to enable the installation of unknown apps.
  • finished

After completing the methods above, GB WA can be installed on Android. However, you have to download the application first, here’s how:

  1. Click the WA GB download link
  2. Then the website will open and click Download GBWhatsApp APK.
  3. Wait for the download process to complete, then open File Manager > Internal > Downloads and click GBWhatsApp APK to install it.
  4. Once installed, open the app and register with your mobile number.
  5. Then verify, and restore messages (if any).
  6. After registration is complete, WA GB can be used.
  7. Anti-Blocking Tricks Using WhatsApp GB Apk Mod

The national standard WhatsApp application is equipped with an anti-blocking function, but this risk will still exist. WhatsApp itself prohibits the use of similar and unofficial applications from Google Play.

The risks are clear, and if they manage to detect suspicious account activity, they will not hesitate to block the account. So, how to minimize it? It’s simple, you have to update GB WA regularly.

By updating the version, you will not only avoid being banned, but also avoid various bugs and errors. So you can use this WA Mod smoothly and comfortably.

WA GB Apk is the most recommended WhatsApp Mod more or less thanks to its complete and useful features. The GBWhatsApp application is still being updated to this day, so if something goes wrong the developer will immediately fix it. Some other WA mods:

  • SocialSpy WhatsApp
  • WA Aero
  • Fouad WhatsApp
  • WA Plus
  • WA Lite
  • FM WhatsApp

How to update the original WA GB to become anti-virtex

Currently, there is a proliferation of dummy text viruses which have strange shapes such as symbols or text. By the time the team updated this post, we had also prepared the GB WhatsApp anti-virtex application. So, all you have to do is re-download the link provided above and update the GB WhatsApp application to the version we provided.

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