Beyond Brown Boxes: Custom Cardboard Packaging for Branding & Sustainability

Many businesses use cardboard boxes to present their items in stores. They can come in several stunning styles. Their styles may include round, pillow-style, briefcase-style, and others. There are many colors and sizes for this packaging. Its manufacturing cardboard comes in several thickness options. Brands can get it in any thickness according to their needs. Their printing elements may advertise the brand. They may contain a brand logo and its name. They may also contain particular graphics. These graphics can advertise the packaged items. There are many finishing options to increase their catchiness. They may include embossing, foiling, and many others.

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Branding is an essential thing to make your business more famous. It can also help your business become profitable. You can also see a lot of ads showing the importance of different products. They contain positive attributes of different brands. They can also help to increase their customer base. There are many ways for branding. They may be TV ads, social media tools, and radio ads. These are effective ways, but they need big-ticket investment. Here we will see how you can use cardboard boxes for branding and sustainability.

Use cardboard boxes to build an impressive brand image

The image of your brand has to be impressive. The following are some ways that can help to make a better image of your company in the market.

  • Unique shapes

There are many box shapes. You may not rely on ordinary shapes. People may also overlook ordinary box shapes. They don’t pay enough attention to your items. You have to choose unique shapes of customisable boxes. For example, you can choose pillow-style, sleeve sliders, and many other styles. They can also help to make your items stand out in stores.

  • Custom-shaped window fronts

You can also improve the image of your brand by adding custom-shaped windows. These window fronts may also allow people to see the items placed inside them. They can also enhance the visibility of items. They can increase the chances of sales of your items. You should also choose customized shapes of windows. They look beautiful and increase the charm of the box to attract more customers.

Offer a memorable customer experience

You can also offer a memorable brand experience to make your company famous in the market.

  • Inside printing 

Inside printing can surprise your customers. You can print a lot of elements inside cardboard boxes with lids. For instance, you may print board games. You may also print patterns, artwork, and decorative elements. Similarly, you may print quotes, poetry, or other content. They can help to impress your customers.

  • Offer freebies 

Another way of offering a memorable customer experience is to offer freebies. There are various options to offer as a freebie. You may offer your newly-developed cookie as a freebie for its promotion. This is a great idea if you have a bakery. You may also offer pastries, chocolates, or other items as freebies. They can be important to build customer loyalty.

  • Appealing surface finishing 

You can use different surface finishing options. They can also give a luxurious touch to custom cardboard boxes with logo. Never forget that customers want to receive their products inside appealing box designs. You may also use a matte or gloss coating. They can give a luxurious touch. You may also use silver, copper, or gold foiling. They can give a metallic touch. Embossing, foil stamping, PVC, and many other surface finishing options are available. They can also give a lasting impression of your brand.

Hence, you can keep your brand in the good books of your customers. You can do it by offering a memorable customer experience. People will consider repeat purchases. Hence, your business will become popular.

Benefits of sustainable cardboard boxes

They are helpful for all sorts of brands due to the following factors.

  • Lower production of waste

Different elements can have different impacts on the ecology. Plastic and other non-recyclable materials accumulate on Earth. They result in the accumulation of significant garbage. These vast piles of rubbish can cause a lot of harm to living things. They also provide the ideal environments for the growth of different bacteria. They can become the cause of the growth of viruses. These microbes and vectors may also contribute to a number of human diseases. You can use sustainable custom cardboard boxes cheap. They don’t produce a lot of waste. They can keep our environment safe for all living things.

  • Reusable packaging reduces waste

The primary goal of using green cardboard boxes wholesale is to decrease waste. Reusable packaging solutions can also be important. They can reduce the production of waste. Most brands build a box by using sturdy materials. They also allow them to survive longer. They don’t shred apart during storage or shipping. People can also use them for a range of activities. You may create various DIY projects. They can also be important as templates for individuals. You can use them to make several DIY things. For instance, you may create imaginary homes for their canine or feline companions. Hence, their reusability has made them perfect packaging.

Impact of sustainable packaging on Sales

Everyone is now aware of how various plastic products affect the environment. Non-recyclable packaging has impacted the environment. It may detract from the city’s aesthetic appeal and cleanliness. Customers resent it when a brand ignores environmental concerns. They always favor businesses and products that promise environmental protection. Many businesses have started the use of sustainable custom-made cardboard boxes. They have helped them win the respect of buyers. People always prefer eco-conscious brands. You should use green packaging for branding. It will increase your number of customers and boost sales.


Sustainable packaging can enhance the reputation of a brand in several ways. No business can gain more respect in the industry without adopting it. We have also described various ways in which cardboard boxes can be important for branding. You can use them to set your business apart from others. You should also adopt the tricks mentioned here to improve your packaging.

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