CBSE Preparation Tips Advice by Teachers from Indian School in Dubai

There is no denying that exams are one of the main reasons children feel pressured most of the time. CBSE board exams are crucial exams that students ever appear during their schooling days. The exam takes a toll on students’ mental health.

This is why teachers from CBSE schools give tips to ensure the children study well and do not have to be burdened with the stress of studies. The key to performing well is studying hard, doing thorough revision, and taking breaks in between. 

The breaks are important because they give the child time to relax and continue their studies with a fresh start. We have drafted a few tips recommended by top teachers from the best international schools Dubai that, as parents, you should inform your children as they are better prepared for the exams. 

Tips by Indian schools in Dubai

 1- Ask your children to mix and match what they study

The most crucial thing that parents must always remember is to plan their child’s day systematically. Don’t overburden the child with several topics and chapters in a day. Don’t ask them to focus on studying one subject.

Take it slow and complete one or two chapters in a day. Let them start their day with easier topics and ease into difficult topics. For example, teachers from Indian schools in Dubai suggest starting with English and then moving on to Mathematics.

2- Solve past year question papers

If the child has practiced solving last year’s papers, they can easily attempt all the questions and score high marks. You need to deliver them with the complete set of previous years’ question papers. 

Ask your child to practice solving previous years’ question papers every day from 9 AM to 12 PM in an environment that would closely resemble the examination hall. This is done so that your child could familiarize with the environment in which they’ll be giving the examination. 

Every day they must solve one subject for three hours, and this way, they will have solved every subject in a week, helping them gain confidence. 

3 – Teachers from Indian schools in Dubai always suggest following a proper schedule

To maintain a healthy mental state and get good results, children must get proper 8 hours of sleep, have a balanced healthy diet, and then study. Follow this schedule, and the children will have plenty of time to study and score good marks in your exams.

Let them take a break for 15 minutes after studying for one or two hours. Let them take a walk around the park and do some exercise. Do not stress that they have to give exams. Sit with your children and spend some quality time.  

4- Teachers from CBSE schools always say to practice the art of relaxation

There is nothing better than meditation and exercise that helps the child focus and improve concentration. Since many students are good at sports, it is also important to try regular meditation methods to improve concentration and ensure they remain focused for a long time. Meditation calms the mind. This strengthens the student, and they can focus better on their studies. 


Always remember before preparing for your CBSE school board examinations. Parents and students would both benefit from these points. 

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