Comprehensive Guide to Visa Requirements for Indian Travelers to Cuba from the USA

Comprehensive Guide to Visa Requirements for Indian Travelers to Cuba from the USA

In a recent journey to the United States on a B1/B2 tourist visa, the author decided to explore the possibility of a side trip to Cuba. Faced with the time constraints of obtaining an A-1 Cuban visa, the traveler began researching the option of using a Tourist Card to visit Cuba. The lack of clear information prompted the writing of this article to assist others in similar situations, eliminating the struggle of finding relevant details.

The Quick Answer : Yes, You Can!

The succinct response to the query is affirmative. Indian citizens can travel to Cuba from the US using a Tourist Card, even without an A-1 Cuban visa. Be that as it may, the cycle isn’t generally so direct as it might appear.

The Dilemma

The confusion arose from multiple sources indicating that citizens of certain countries, including India, might need an A-1 Visa to enter Cuba. This became mandatory due to instances of illegal immigration attempts by some Indian citizens traveling to Cuba en route to the US. However, for those traveling directly from the US, the question remained: Could they simply obtain a Tourist Card, akin to US citizens?

The Struggle for Clarity

To resolve this uncertainty, attempts to contact the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. proved challenging. Limited working hours and unanswered phone calls led to dead ends. Email inquiries yielded no response, leaving the traveler in a quandary.

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Seeking clarification, the author contacted the Indian embassy in Cuba, receiving a prompt reply. The response clarified that US nationals or foreign nationals holding a valid US visa could purchase a Tourist Card/Visa for travel to Cuba through airlines or authorized travel agents. While airlines issued this card as a type of Tourist Visa, Indian nationals experienced issues, as some airlines required a printed Cuban Visa on passports.

Subsequently, the author reached out to major airlines operating flights to Cuba from the US. While American Airlines deferred to the Cuban consulate, United Airlines and JetBlue provided a glimmer of hope, stating that a Tourist Card (pink) sufficed for travel from the US to Cuba, negating the need for an A-1 visa.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Ultimately, positive responses from United Airlines and JetBlue paved the way. Traveling from the US to Cuba with a Tourist Card was confirmed, and the author purchased a ticket from United Airlines. During the booking process, the traveler had to choose a reason for the Cuba trip, with tourism not being a valid reason. Opting for the “Support for the Cuban People category” was suggested, a choice not heavily scrutinized by authorities.

Acquiring the Tourist Card

The Tourist Card, priced at $50, was available for purchase at the boarding gate of the last airport with a direct flight to Cuba. Alternatively, some travel agents offered the card online. The card, a pink document, required filling out with a pen.

Cuban Sojourn

The flight to Cuba, with about 50 passengers, landed in Havana. At the Havana airport, the immigration process involved checking the US visa and stamping the Tourist Card. The trip to Cuba unfolded as a delightful experience, showcasing the country’s beauty, tranquil beaches, well-crafted beer, and the warmth of the Cuban people. With no mobile internet, the sojourn provided a much-needed technology detoxification.


For fellow Indians contemplating a visit to Cuba from the US, the article serves as a guide to navigate the intricacies of obtaining a Tourist Card and clarifies the process of choosing an appropriate reason for travel. Despite initial confusion and challenges, the journey turned out to be a rewarding exploration of Cuba’s charms.

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