Dentists can offer their own clear aligners

As a dental professional, one always needs to keep themselves updated on the newest technologies and techniques to offer to their patients to grow a dental practice and sustain patients in a cut-throat competitive field such as dentistry.

Due to certain significant advantages that the plastic, removably attached aligners offer over wire braces, clear aligners are currently popular. These aligners are almost imperceptible when worn, give results comparable to metal braces, are incredibly comfortable to wear (no wires protruding inside the mouth), are removed and cleaned, and are simple to maintain oral hygiene.

It is now obvious, given its rising popularity, that patients may desire to employ clear aligners to correct malocclusions rather than conventional braces. As a business professional, it only makes sense to provide Clear Aligners to patients who request them rather than letting them go to Direct-to-Consumer brands discovered online with a quick web search or to your rival who may be providing them.

Another major reason why the demand for custom clear aligners has risen drastically is that individuals aged 20 and above are getting more conscious about fixing/improving their smiles (patients well into their 50s are also requesting treatment). This demographic range prefers to keep such treatments as discrete as possible. Also, with the growing economy, the young working population of India has more disposable income than ever before.

The Conundrum Between DIY v/s White-label Manufacturing

Dental professional spends years mastering their skills. With the advancement of technology, there has been a wide range of 3D Printers available in the market that can be purchased and integrated within the clinic. But are making aligners as easy as buying a machine? There is a huge learning curve when making a perfect aligner.

To successfully make an aligner, one needs knowledge of digital software to design models to make scans 3D Printable, to operate a 3d printer, its maintenance, troubleshooting, manage inventory of resin, postprocessing of 3d models once printed (Washing resin, disposing of resin, curing 3d models in UV, etc.), ensuring each model is printed accurately and much more. Most often, they would hire a technician and train them for all of the above. But, we all know how difficult it is to retain a trained technician.

Now it should be carefully considered that does it make sense for the Orthodontist/Dentist to go through all this trouble to manufacture clear aligners at the same price or even a much higher price than that compared to an aligner manufactured by a professional private-label clear aligner manufacturer such as

Launching Own Clear Aligner Brand

The cost of aligners in India has gone down drastically making it more affordable to patients than ever before. Thus now is the best time to start offering Clear Aligner treatments at your practice to stay ahead. For professionals unsure of where to start and how to go on about launching their aligner brand, a lot of resources are available to help them with the launch.

Such a service to contract manufacturing to a reliable partner includes extras like branded clear aligners with professional labels, custom packaging with branding possibilities, and starter kit goods like a cheek retractor, ortho wax, aligner retriever tool, storage box, and chewies. You can select whichever of the aforementioned you prefer. To make the procedure easier overall and track the status of orders in real-time, they also have an online ordering system.

A business that manufactures aligners in bulk can provide competitive volumetric pricing per aligner. Since they are in charge of producing such large numbers for their customers, quality, and timeliness are extremely important to them.

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