Four Tips to Keep Your House Free of Spider This Winter

During the coldest months of the year, spiders tend to seek shelter indoors. But did you know that some of these insects are already inside your house even before winter comes? Spiders prefer to stay out of sight; however, if you notice them in your house, there may be a few of them there. While spiders can be helpful, they do not belong indoors. You may need a professional spider exterminator to help you eliminate an existing spider infestation in your house. To keep these insects out of your house, here are tips you should keep in mind:

Seal Access Points

As spiders search for food or find a great place to burrow, they might discover holes or cracks in the exterior walls to serve as their access point. These insects will use the same access points as other household pests. Thus, you should increase the defense of your home by sealing possible entry points in the siding, foundation, and roof. Spiders are skilled climbers, so take your time checking out the roofing area, so you ,don’t give spiders a way to get inside. Also, check and repair torn screens because spiders may also use them to get into your house. 

Vacuum the House

Regular vacuuming can prevent spiders from invading your house. This cleans up the webs and eggs of spiders before you notice them. Ensure you clean in small cracks and behind furniture, as spiders can hide there. In addition, you should clean up waste, food, and other debris. Try to vacuum the house at least once every week to keep your house free of spiders

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

Spiders are not particularly drawn to lights, but their prey is. To catch prey, spiders create webs in areas near light. If lights surround your house, they could draw spiders to your property. To avoid a spider infestation, turn off these lights for a few days.

Consult with Pest Control Experts

Regular pest prevention treatments can get rid of possible food sources for spiders. Although there are at-home remedies to remove spiders yourself, it’s best to let the experts do the job for you. A reputable pest control company can provide home pest protection solutions focused on building a barrier around the perimeter of your house. Professional pest control protects your house inside and out, eliminating and keeping spiders and other pests away. Also, they will provide you with helpful advice to avoid future infestations. 

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