How to Arrange Holiday Decorations in Our Living Room?

The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, although they differ significantly from previous years. Last year, at this time, we planned to visit our parents’ house, planning a vacation somewhere with the family. We all want a normal, fun, and joyful holiday atmosphere. I miss gathering and chatting with my extended family.

Why not create a warm atmosphere at home?

Especially in the family room, the heart of the house, gathering while watching holiday films might be the best choice. What things must be prepared to decorate a family room? Let’s take a closer look at the following review:

1. Change the Room Layout

This simple trick can make the room’s atmosphere look different. Moving the sofa to another corner of the room, adding a coffee table or moving a side table to the opposite corner can be enough to make the room look different. In this case, you must still pay attention to room circulation to keep it safe and comfortable.

Holiday Decorations

2. Determine the theme of the room

Many Christmas themes can be adapted to your room. If you and your family have a favorite music, you can reuse it this year. This can create feelings of nostalgia for the family atmosphere.

This year, the trending theme is decoration in classic blue. It is very different from the usual red and green Christmas feel. You can combine it with white, silver, platinum, champagne and blush.

Changing the theme of a room with color can be done quickly by changing small things such as:

  • Replace runners and pillowcases
  • Adding flowers and carpets,
  • Hang wall decorations and
  • Add complementary accessories such as vases, centerpieces, and photo frames as below.

3. Make handicrafts

Why not make decorative accessories for families with small children by making them yourself? They can stimulate children’s creativity with materials that are easy to obtain and cheap. This also becomes a medium for playing and learning, giving rise to children’s feelings of participation in a celebration.

4. Add Signature Fragrance

Some people believe that certain fragrances can make us nostalgic for certain atmospheres. If you want to create a holiday atmosphere in your home, remember these tips. You can add spray fragrances, scented candles, reed diffusers or other air fresheners. Aromas like a pine forest, cinnamon, fruit, and floral scent. Also, pay attention to the odor not being too strong not to cause dizziness or nausea; choose one with a soft but long-lasting fragrance.

So we can enjoy the holidays in a better atmosphere as soon as possible. And most importantly, the happiness of gathering with family can be done wherever you are. Happy holidays!

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