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Japanese Wabi-sabi Style Home Interior Decoration

Goodbye minimalism! This home interior decoration trend will provide comfort and bring more happiness to every space.

Many professional designers predict that the influence of the Japanese wabi-sabi style will greatly influence interior style trends this year. Also goodbye minimalism. The maximalist style will now become increasingly influential and become the best and most widely applied interior style.

Forget everything that has become a hit and is popular in recent years. Now is the time to witness the emergence of the best and different home decoration styles from usual. An interior concept that embodies the great efforts of interior designers to make the appearance of the house look very pleasant, and bring more happiness.

Japanese Wabi-sabi Style Home Interior Decoration

Originating from the tea ceremony of 15th century Japan, wabi-sabi finds beauty in imperfection and incompleteness. The word ‘wabi’ means rustic simplicity, while ‘sabi’ refers to the beauty or serenity that comes with age.

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Wabi-sabi is all about perfection. You can accentuate the wabi-sabi style with the use of a variety of good quality accessories combined with perfect finishing and embracing all the design elements in one look. A very dramatic balance of spatial atmosphere born from the culture of a society in Asia.

Maximalist Style House Interior

Is the opposite of the most popular style, minimalism. The maximalist style is claimed to be able to bring pleasure, comfort and of course happiness. This interior style is a “reaction” to minimalist and Scandinavian styles which are considered too dominant.

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Maximalism means more color, more texture, and more fun. This is the interior style that is most suitable for those of you who have a cheerful soul and a warm and pleasant personality.

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A maximalist style home interior is characterized by a combination of bold colors and patterns. A decorating style that can sometimes feel full of strange and unnecessary objects. However, that’s actually what he wanted to show. A space with artistic beauty and a dramatic feel in every corner.

Home Decoration with Pantone Color Palettes

It’s time to introduce and change the atmosphere of the room to be more cheerful and fun with the Pantone color palette.

This color choice is able to bring energy to every room. Pantone colors are very suitable for communal areas such as living rooms and kitchen areas, or dining rooms.

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Models of Lighting and Decorative Lamps

In several moments, the designers agreed that there are times when lighting models or elements need to feel more arty, aka artistic. Therefore, we will now be freer and more creative with the model of lamp shade that we will use.

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The artful lampshade model in this lighting can become the focal point of interior design. Apart from that, this decorative element is also the easiest and simplest decoration that can be done.

Home interior decoration like this is really needed by residential owners to create the desired look and atmosphere of the space without the hassle of slightly confusing design complications.

How? Ready to try it?

All decisions are in your hands.

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