How to Prepare Your Home for a Detroit Home Inspection


You’ve made the decision to sell your Detroit home. Among the many steps in the home selling process, getting a professional Detroit home inspection is critical. An inspection identifies any issues or defects in your home that buyers will want to know about.

Preparing thoroughly for the inspection means fewer surprises and repair requests down the line. You’ll also present your home in the best possible light to maximize its appeal. Use this guide to get your Detroit property inspection ready.


Clean Everything Thoroughly

An immaculate home makes a strong first impression on home inspectors. Eliminate clutter, dust, dirt, and grime inside and out through a deep clean of every room. Scrub bathrooms, kitchens, light fixtures, and appliances to a sparkling finish. Clean windows allow maximum natural light too. A tidy home shows pride of ownership.


Take Care of Small Repairs

Don’t let minor flaws detract from your home’s overall condition. Fix any leaky faucets, sticking drawers or doors, damaged walls, squeaky hinges, or faulty switches. Replace burnt-out light bulbs inside and out. Patch holes, touch up paint, and address anything worn or broken throughout the house.


Get Major Systems Serviced

Schedule technicians to service your HVAC system, electrical panel, water heater, and appliances to ensure optimal operation. Replace your furnace filter and clear debris from vents. This preventative care reduces the chance of problems arising during inspection. Have a roofer inspect your roof as well.


Keep a Maintenance Log

Compile any repair and maintenance records to show inspectors. Logs for the roof, HVAC, electrical, appliances and more demonstrate your diligence. Have past invoices, warranties and manuals ready for major systems. Keep these in a folder for easy access during the inspection.


Organize Access Areas

Inspectors will check the attic, crawlspaces, garage, and basement, so declutter these spaces. Remove stored items that block access to water heaters, electrical panels, or HVAC equipment. Cut back any tree branches or vegetation touching the roof, walls, or electrical wires outside.


Check Insulation

Ensure insulation levels in your attic, walls, and crawlspaces meet Michigan’s minimum R-values. Beef up any areas with insufficient insulation before the inspection. This prevents heat loss that drives up energy costs. Proper insulation also reduces humidity and prevents ice dams.


Clear Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters can lead to roof leaks and foundation damage. Climb a ladder to clear out leaves, dirt, and debris from gutters and downspouts so water can flow freely. Check fittings to ensure gutters are securely attached to the home.


Inspect the Exterior

Walk around your home to look for any issues inspectors would flag like cracked siding, peeling paint, loose handrails, dripping faucets, yard erosion or damaged sidewalks. Fix these ahead of time or make plans to address them soon. A well-maintained exterior projects value.


Set the Scene Inside

Make your home feel welcoming and spacious for the inspection. Open draperies to let in natural light. Turn on all lighting. Keep walkways and staircases clear of obstructions. Remove any pet waste, odors or damage that could turn off buyers.


Test Smoke and CO Detectors

Replace batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Use the test buttons to confirm they are functioning and within the units’ expiration dates. Check for adequate detector coverage in all bedrooms and key areas. Operating alarms are vital for fire safety.


Perform a Final Walkthrough

After preparing your home for inspection, do one final pass through each room. Look with fresh eyes for any issues that still need addressing. Clean up scuffs or marks on walls and floors. Confirm all light bulbs and fixtures work. With this final touch, you’re ready to ace the inspection.



Being proactive with cleaning, maintenance, and repairs makes your Detroit home shine for inspectors. Thorough preparation reduces major issues from arising and provides full transparency. This sets you up for a smooth home-selling journey ahead. Read more

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