How to Spot Quality Craftsmanship in Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is a timeless piece of fashion, fully equipped with attitude, sophistication and style. Basically, a leather jacket is known for its durability and flexibility. There’s no other piece of outerwear that exudes the same style, and longevity, as a leather jacket.

Leather jackets have been in the fashion line for more than decades now. Initially, these jackets were designed for military personnel only, but with time, they became popular amongst common people, and today, is a staple piece of fashion statement, for both men and women’s wear. You can find a great collection of leather jackets on Chicagojacket.comso go, check them out.

With the evolution in the leather industry, we have a wide range of leather jackets, varying in style, color and design. Since there is a vast collection of leather jackets today, it might be a challenge to spot quality craftsmanship. Of course, not all leather jackets are created equally.

A leather jacket is not some other piece of clothing that you’re buying to add to your wardrobe, it’s an investment that you make, for a lifetime. A high quality leather jacket can last for a decade, or even more, if taken good care of. To make sure that you are investing in a high quality leather jacket that can stand the test of time, it is important to spot quality craftsmanship.

In this article, we will guide you with the basic elements that you need to look out for, when you’re evaluating a leather jacket to invest in. To cherish the luxurious feel of a high quality leather jacket, it is crucial to make an informed decision. So, dig in.

Key elements for evaluating a leather jacket

Quality of leather

Before even diving into evaluating the qualities of a high quality jacket, it is important to understand the basics of leather. The quality of leather that is used in the making of leather jacket basically determines the overall craftsmanship. These are the four standards that you can find in high quality leather:

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is considered to be the best of all. It features a smoother surface, with very few flaws, and a super luxurious feel. Full grain leather is durable, and since the grains haven’t been removed, it ensures to not wear out fast. High quality jackets, furniture, footwear and accessories are usually constructed from full grain leather.

Top grain leather

Top grain leather is the next most common leather quality used in the making of jackets. It is thinner, flexible and more breathable. Top grain leather is highly durable, and comparatively much cheaper than full grain.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is made up from the leftover materials made for high quality leather. It is not as pleasing and appealing as top grain and full grain, but since it’s a natural material, people prefer this for its durability and availability.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather is the type of leather that is used in making pigmented leather. It offers aesthetic characteristics, with durability and reliability.

Lining and construction

The inner construction and lining of a leather jacket ensures comfort, and fit, which is the most important thing to consider whilst investing in a leather jacket. A high quality leather jacket will feature well-finished inner lining, made up from satin, silk or breathable material such as viscose, that offers ease of movement, and the perfect weight to leather. It is important to evaluate the sewing of the lining, as it should be securely sewn without any loose or uneven threads.

Check the inner construction in the areas of collar, cuffs, pockets and hem. If there are any other additional layers such as padding, it should be present to ensure durability and shape retention.

Stitching and Seam construction

To spot a high quality leather jacket, pay attention to its stitching. Well-executed stitching with no loose threads, and even and straight stitch, ensures that the jacket features quality craftsmanship. The threads must be strong and tight.

The seam construction is also important to examine, because these are the main stress areas. Shoulders and elbows must be highly stitched, with double or triple stitching, to enhance the durability and reliability of the jacket.

Hardware and zippers

Next, check out the quality of hardware and zippers, as it plays a main role in defining the aesthetics and functionality of a leather jacket. Sturdy metal hardware, such as buckles, snaps, buttons and rivets, must be securely attached to the jacket. Avoid plastic hardware as it can ruin the overall look of your jacket, with high chances of breakage.

Zippers on your leather jacket must be of high quality, as it is the key element in defining quality craftsmanship. High quality metals, including brass or YKK zippers are the best to be used as hardware on leather jackets, as these are highly durable, and smooth in operation.

Brand reputation

Before investing in a leather jacket, it is highly recommended to check out the brand reputation and reviews of the customers. Purchase your leather jacket from a brand that is best known for their craftsmanship and commitment. Customer reviews can provide you valuable insight about the brand.


Since leather jackets are quite expensive, one cannot afford to purchase them again and again. And anyhow, high quality leather jackets, with quality craftsmanship, ensure to last for a decade, or even more, if you take good care of it. Getting a leather jacket is a process of consideration and informed decision. Before investing in a leather jacket, make sure to evaluate the leather quality, lining and inner construction, stitching and seam construction, the quality of hardware and zippers and customer reviews of the brand that you are investing in. With these key elements in hand, you can make an informed decision, and cherish the feel of a high quality leather jacket, for a lifetime.

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