Inventory of 6 Most Popular Top Data Science Courses in Bangalore

Data Science Courses in Bangalore: With the flourishing technological advancement around the globe, several startups, mid-size companies, and MNCs are setting their sights on big metropolitan cities. Bangalore hosts a skilled population for carrying out the required jobs. Also, the city holds some of the best data science courses in Bangalore. It trains data science enthusiasts with the relevant skills and exposes them to practical applications of the subject.

Let’s take you to the list of 5 top data science courses in Bangalore and their contribution.

  • Learnbay’s Post graduation & Certification in data science- 

It has plenty of data science course options. They are Starting from foundational to advanced-level certification and an MS in data science & AI. One gets many options to enroll depending on one’s learning goals. 

The course covers data extraction, data processing, and data inspection, followed by data picturing. Besides this, advanced courses include machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. All these modules have placement assistance programs. 

This program aims to clarify your doubts via personalized sessions, preparing for interviews, mock tests, etc. Trainers involved in learning are mostly data science experts with scholars and industrial experience. 

The curriculum is also crafted based on the latest advancements and is inclusive of gen-AI. The course is designed by IBM & Microsoft. Therefore, Learnbay’s certification and degree are globally recognized through ECTS credits.

  • PG Diploma in Data Science by Upgrad & IIIT Bangalore- 

The curriculum is in a joint venture with IIIT Bangalore and Upgrad. The coursework syllabus encloses topics like statistics, data visualization, machine learning, etc. 

The practical learning trains you on hands-on experience with industry-relevant tools and technologies via case studies and project work. The learners also get the scope to communicate with data science professionals and recruiters. It ensures maximum reach of learners to the placement companies and job readiness after course completion. They also provide online learning if required. 

  • Coursera’s Data Science Specialization- Johns Hopkins University is the course designer. The reason for choosing this data science course is its self-paced and flexible learning environment. The topics covered include data manipulation, data sourcing, machine learning, and data analysis. 

The trainers are renowned individuals in the data science field and give hands-on training in programming languages. 

For example, the use of  R-programming to solve the query shown in the assignments. Working professional and final-year students having prior commitments can easily manage their schedules and learning at their convenience. The reputation and popularity of Courserain in the market makes an individual opt for their data sciences courses. 

  • Manipal Prolearn’s Advanced Certification in Data Science- This course is ideal for individuals seeking expertise in advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The program is a fusion of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing them to tackle real-world challenges. Several workshops are organized with the input of industrial experts. This helps in understanding the functioning of industrial best practices. 

Apart from this, Manipal Prolearn’s partnerships with top companies give learners the opportunity for apprenticeships, internships, and job placements. Therefore, Manipal’s certification is in high demand among aspirants.

  • INSOFE’s Data Science Certification- This education organization is quite famous in Bangalore for its data science certification program. The course syllabus covers basic concepts and cutting-edge techniques in data science and analytics. It also facilitates the networking scope of learners with peers, industry professionals, and fellowmates. The tie-up with corporates enables experimental learning. 
  • M.Sc. in Data Science & Machine Learning by Great Learning- This is a comprehensive course that focuses on individuals seeking to dig into data science and machine learning concepts. Statistical analysis, deep learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) are some of the broad-spectrum topics that are included in their curriculum.  

The mode of teaching is through applying multiple approaches of trainer-led classes, hands-on practice, and industry project work. This approach helps learners to understand the concepts of data science more reluctantly and at the same time implement it on a real-world problem. It makes the learning process enjoyable. The accreditational backup of Great Learning is authentic and involves top universities and industry partners. Social forums and seminars are often organized to promote networking and placement opportunities.

Requisite Trademarks of Best Data Science Courses in Bangalore

  • Multiple Learning Options
  • Industry-Experienced Trainers
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Capstone & Real-time Simulation Project
  • Accreditations from Renowned Organizations
  • Trendy Syllabus
  • Good and Genuine Alumni Testimonials
  • 100% Placement Assistance


Bangalore has several opportunities when it comes to data science learning. Irrespective of the curriculum, the top data science courses in Bangalore believe in providing quality theoretical and practical learning. Whether Learnbay, Coursera, Manipal, INSOFE, or Great Learning, these few institutes offer the best data science courses in Bangalore. If you want to acquire industry-relevant expertise that prepares you to be fierce in the job market, then opt for these data science course-providing institutes.

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