“Kingdom Business” – Exploring the World of Gospel Music through Drama and Redemption


“Kingdom Business” is an American musical drama series that made its debut on BET+ on May 19, 2022. The show revolves around the life of Denita, a gospel superstar who not only runs an in-house record label called Kingdom Records but also serves as the First Lady of First Kingdom Church. The series beautifully captures the essence of the gospel music industry, delving into the themes of family, faith, love, and the redemptive power of music on Skywestonline. Throughout the episodes, viewers are taken on a journey filled with challenges, secrets, and unexpected twists, making it an engaging and thrilling watch.

The Plot of “Kingdom Business”

The series follows Denita Jordan, who is portrayed as the reigning “Queen of Gospel.” She is a strong and determined woman who is willing to protect her family and their secrets at any cost. However, her world starts to crumble when a talented and enigmatic gospel star named Rbel emerges on the scene. What adds to the drama is Rbel’s troubled past, which poses a direct threat to Denita’s status in the gospel music industry. The clash between the established superstar and the rising sensation forms the central conflict of the show.

Key Details about “Kingdom Business”

Before we delve deeper into the themes and exploration of the series, here are some key details about “Kingdom Business”:

  • Created by: John J. Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart
  • Starring: Yolanda Adams as Denita, the “Queen of Gospel,” and Serayah as Rbel, the talented up-and-coming gospel star
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Number of seasons: 1 (as of now)
  • Number of episodes: 8
  • Running time: 41-51 minutes per episode
  • Reviews and Renewal: The series has received positive reviews and has been renewed for a second season.

Themes Explored in “Kingdom Business”

“Kingdom Business” tackles a variety of themes that add depth and complexity to the show. Some of the prominent themes include: nekopoin.care

Virtue and Morality

The series raises questions about virtue and morality as it examines the choices and actions of its characters within the context of the gospel music industry. Denita, as a prominent figure in the industry, faces moral dilemmas that test her principles and beliefs.

Conflict and Secrets

As the title suggests, “Kingdom Business” takes viewers behind the scenes of the gospel music industry, revealing the conflicts and secrets that accompany money, fame, and success. Denita’s efforts to safeguard her family’s secrets lead to intense and emotional confrontations.

Jealousy and Envy

The competitive nature of the gospel music scene is highlighted as the characters navigate through jealousy and envy. The rivalry between Denita and Rbel exemplifies the challenges faced by artists in their pursuit of success. the kids love


“Kingdom Business” addresses the issue of ageism, shedding light on how age can play a role in the music industry. The show explores the challenges faced by artists as they age and how it impacts their careers.

Ego and Pride

The series delves into the themes of ego and pride, portraying how these traits can influence the decisions and actions of the characters. Such personality traits often lead to unforeseen consequences.

Truth and Authenticity

Authenticity holds great significance in the gospel music industry. “Kingdom Business” emphasizes the importance of truth and genuineness in the characters’ lives, showcasing how it affects their relationships and careers.


“Kingdom Business” is more than just a musical drama series; it is an exploration of the intricacies of the gospel music industry and the human emotions that drive it. Through its well-crafted plot and engaging storytelling, the show captures the essence of family, faith, love, and the transformative power of music. The clash of characters, the unraveling of secrets, and the pursuit of success make “Kingdom Business” a must-watch for fans of drama and redemption.


 How many seasons of “Kingdom Business” are there?

As of now, there is one season of the series.

Who are the lead actors in the show?

Yolanda Adams stars as Denita, the “Queen of Gospel,” and Serayah portrays Rbel, the rising gospel star.

What is the running time of each episode?

The episodes typically run for 41-51 minutes each.

What themes does “Kingdom Business” explore?

The series delves into themes such as virtue, conflict, jealousy, ageism, ego, and the importance of authenticity.

Has the series been renewed for another season?

Yes, “Kingdom Business” has been renewed for a second season.

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