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LED strip lights have gained much popularity over the recent decade and the current one because of their flexibility, energy efficiency and the fact that they offer a modern and sleek look. An increasing number of homeowners, businesses and organizations are using these energy-efficient lights as a form of accent lighting, downlighting, pathway lighting among others.


What are LED Strip Lights? 


LED or light-emitting diode strip lights are slim with a flexible structure involving little LED bulbs uniformly across the strip. They are available in either reels or rolls which are flexible to be cut according to the sizes and connected to each other when fixing them.


Benefits of LED Strip Lights


LED Strip Lights suppliers offer many advantages over traditional lighting:LED strip lights offer many advantages over traditional lighting:


– Energy saving – LED bulbs consume between 5-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

– Long life span – These bulbs have a very long life span of over fifty thousand hours and still retain their brightness. 

– Slim and versatile – Can be mounted between walls and curving around furniture and fixtures.

– Highly durable – it can withstand forces such as weather, shock, and vibrations. 

– Energy-saving operation – Produce less heat as compared to the other classes of lighting.

– Controllable – Most of the time, there are numerous choices when it comes to adjusting the light intensity, color and even the effects.


Choosing LED Strip Light Manufacturers


As these lights have gradually gained increased usage, there are more and more companies that offer such products. LED strip suppliers are numerous, however, different suppliers offer different quality products, flexibility, and support. 


What to Look for in Manufacturers


The best LED strip light manufacturers offer:The best LED strip light manufacturers offer:


High-Quality Materials and Construction


Best vendors incorporate name-brand LED chips, flexible printed circuit boards, and waterproofing for strips that endures for long. When low quality materials are used on strips, they can overheat, their brightness decreases quickly or simply stop working.


Customization Options 


Reliable manufacturing companies provide their clients with an option to select the color temperature, lighting effects, length, connectors, mounts, and several other options depending on the project.


Application-Specific Products


The finest manufacturers develop LED strips for different applications such as indoor and outdoor accent lighting of homes, commercial buildings and other establishments.


Responsive Customer Service


This is one of the most important aspects that have to be pointed out as essential when it comes to ordering from such a company: clear and fast communication, completely transparent order processing and status, as well as timely and helpful assistance in case of any problems arising.


Top Custom LED Strip Light Manufacturers


Based on factors like quality, customizability, service, and client reviews, below are some of the best LED strip light manufacturers to consider:Based on factors like quality, customizability, service, and client reviews, below are some of the best LED strip light manufacturers to consider:


Ltech LED Lighting


Ltech is a UK based company that started its operation in 2010 and is involved in the manufacturing of high quality and unique LED strips for decorators and lighting designers. The LED chips and components they employ are 2835 LED chips, and they ensure top-quality by employing rigorous testing. All their orders go through the Quality Control team before finally being shipped out to customers.


**Key features:**

– Large number of sizes and accessories of LED strips 

– LED waterproof strips for indoor and outdoor use which include the IP65 and IP67 waterproof strips

– Integrate IC for popular dimming control

– 5-year warranty




This company is singled out for LED strip lighting for over 10 years. Their design team and product development department comes up with application based products and some of the products developed include LED strips to be used to highlight a kitchen backsplash or security lighting for the outside of a building.


**Key features:** 

– LED strip lights that are designed to be specific to the application

– Kits available at less expense in RGB and RGB+W for decorative applications 

– Meanwell power supplies for safety that ensure the device is not affected by power fluctuations.

– 3-year warranty


Sunbeam Lighting


Sunbeam Lighting employs the latest in LED technology and closely monitors its quality to become the premier commercial lighting solutions provider to big-name establishments such as hotels, offices, and upscale retail stores. They also do residential lighting.


**Key features:**

– The light emitting diode has features of high color rendering index (CRI 90+).

– One of the industrial standards that are offered by the company is the 10-year warranty on its products.

– Availability of products in markets Quick turnaround and delivery

– Colour changable and tunable white as well


Lumissil LED Lighting


Focusing on silicone-coated waterproof LED strips , the application of lumissil makes it simple to place these lights outside and in those places where moisture can be a problem, like kitchens and bathrooms. Their designers can assist clients on matters regarding accessories and connectors to be used in the project as well.


**Key features:** 

– Sleeks of silicone encapsulated strips for IP65 and IP68 rating

– Rigorously tested materials

– The technical support team is very effective.

– Cut points and other sizes that do not fit the standard sizes offered by the suppliers can be provided.


Get Your Custom LED Lighting Solution


There are a lot of opportunities using the LED strip lights – it will never be boring, but you need to choose the right manufacturer for your project. The best suppliers thus offer the quality, customizability, and service by which any vision of the effectiveness of lighting may be realized. Don’t wait for that special day to come, contact us for a quote on YOUR ideal LED strips.


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