Smart Cameras for Smart Homes: The Ultimate Guide

No one needs to compromise the security of their homes in the highly technical world today. With multiple digital home security products coming into the market daily to safeguard people’s surroundings, why not opt for a good product or solution for your home? Smart home cameras have been launched in the market in the last few years for the upgraded security of residential properties. 

The live-streaming feature of smart home cameras can transfer security levels indoors and outdoors. These cameras combine conventional cameras and interconnected device networks and function well after you connect them to the Internet. You can effortlessly access the live and recorded footage of the activities captured by these cameras. 

The article is a guide to smart home cameras!

How to Pick a Smart Home Camera?

Smart home cameras are among the most requested and popular digital and home security solutions. But the market has innumerable options, which makes selecting a good smart home camera confusing. So, how to select a good smart home camera?  Here are some suggestions!

Determine the Smart Home Camera’s Goal

There are mainly two reasons people purchase a smart home camera to secure their indoor space – secure their home and track what is happening near their home in their absence. Determine your camera’s goal. Do you wish to keep an eye on your babysitter or check your home when you are away? You require a smart home camera paired with a mobile application to view videos on your smartphone and get video alerts on your phone. 

Another excellent use of smart home cameras is receiving alerts when something happens in your home; for example, someone tampered with your home’s security system, someone is waiting in front of the door, and so much more. Video alerts need a complex security system that detects motion and triggers your smart home camera to record and send video alerts.

Decide on the Smart Home Camera’s Placement

Now that you know your smart home camera’s goal, you can think about where to install it. Will you place the camera on your bookshelf or your television cabinet? In that case, you require a stand. Do you want to install the camera on a wall or ceiling? In that case, you need a smart home camera with a wall mount and a professional installation. If you want to install a camera outside your home, apart from indoors, you need a special camera that can withstand weather conditions and intruders.

Consider the Features of Smart Home Cameras

Smart home cameras have different exclusive features. You should decide the most important features of your smart home camera according to your goal. For instance, if you want to check on your home but wish to reduce the number of cameras you have to install, you opt for a camera with a rotation base which can be tilted.

Some features of smart home cameras which are worth considering are as follows:

  • Motion Detection: The motion detection feature tracks the motion of moving objects.
  • Two-way Communication: Regardless of where you are, you can communicate with your family members with the help of your smart home camera.
  • Android/iOS Device Compatibility: Regardless of your device, your smart home camera will be compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Upright or Inverted: Your smart home camera is pre-installed on a rotation, and you can effortlessly place them wherever you want.
  • Infrared Night Vision: The 6 infrared LED illuminator feature boosts visibility. Viewing in the dark has become effortless with the infrared night vision feature. 
  • 355-degree View: The dual motorhead of smart home cameras lets the device rotate and capture 355° horizontal and 85° vertical views.


It is clear how smart cameras have revolutionised the digital security scenario. You can have a good experience accessing your home security products from any part of the world and be assured that you will receive alerts in case of potential invasion. Smart home cameras have risen in the digital surveillance world and comprise intensive digital and smart security options like never before. 

Advancements in technology empower smooth protection in residential properties with the help of an outdoor or indoor WiFi camera. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology can also be integrated with digital home security solutions like smart home cameras to intensify security and depict precision.

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