The Best CBSE Schools in Nagpur 

Nagpur, renowned as the “Orange City” across the nation, holds significance as a pivotal trade and commerce hub within Maharashtra. However, its reputation extends beyond commerce – it’s also renowned for its exceptional educational institutions. The city’s legacy of quality education dates back decades, fostering a culture of learning and growth. Notably, the CBSE schools in Nagpur stand out as some of the finest in the entire country. Their commitment to academic excellence and holistic development has earned them a distinguished place in the realm of education. Within this educational landscape, let’s explore the cream of the crop, specifically those that excel in providing nursery school admission.

CBSE Schools in Nagpur that Offer Nursery School Admission

1. Global Indian International School, Nagpur

Global Indian International School, Nagpur, is one of the best-known CBSE schools in the city offering nursery school admission. Run by an internationally renowned chain of schools, it boasts a world-class campus replete with all modern amenities and facilities. Nursery students of the school are provided access to the renowned Montessori Plus programme, while those in grades 1 to 6 have access to the CBSE curriculum. 

Undoubtedly, the school ranks among the finest international nursery schools in Nagpur. It is highly sought after as the ideal place for young children to be introduced to formal education.

2. Bishop Cotton School, Nagpur

Bishop Cotton School, Nagpur, stands as one of the city’s oldest institutions, having been founded back in 1862. It upholds its more than 160-year-old legacy by offering world-class education to students from nursery to grade 10. Every aspect of the school, from its infrastructure to its teachers, is of the highest quality and is aimed at providing students with a holistic education.

This CBSE co-educational school is undeniably a favorite among parents seeking admission to nursery classes for their children. Despite the emergence of many new-age schools in Nagpur, this institution from colonial times retains its exceptional reputation and popularity.

3. Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Nagpur

Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School in Nagpur is a premier educational institution, encompassing preschool through grade 12. As a distinguished CBSE school, it provides an optimal setting for securing nursery admission, ensuring a contemporary, comprehensive education for children.

Notably, the school excels in cultivating student growth, fostering academic prowess, and nurturing social and emotional development. This holistic approach effectively equips students for life beyond school. The institution upholds the highest standards in infrastructure and teaching faculty, exemplifying excellence in both aspects.



Nagpur, a city rich in cultural heritage, is home to many inspiring individuals who passionately seek the best education for their beloved children. Thankfully, there are some of the most esteemed CBSE schools in Nagpur that allow parents to provide their young ones with a solid educational foundation that guides them toward success in life, achieving their highest goals.

As Nagpur progresses, it is set to become a major education hub, especially for its growing young population. This is supported by an increasing number of schools that unwaveringly uphold high standards of quality and excellence. These institutions mirror the commitment to holistic development and reflect a shared understanding among its people – education serves as the channel through which the bright aspirations of their children come to fruition, lighting the way toward a promising future.

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