The Environmental Impact of Display Packaging: Choosing Sustainable Options

Display packaging is used for a wide array of products thus it has a considerable impact on the environment. From the food industry to the toy industry, display packaging is used everywhere. The purpose is similar, to help display the product clearly. The display packaging eliminates the need for assortment using plastic boxes. In this manner, display packaging is already one with the climate as it serves a two-fold purpose. It is first used as a delivery box, as it works to deliver the product safely.

After the product has reached its destination of sale, i.e. the retail joint, it can be converted into a display box. Given its two-fold purpose, it is widely used all around the world for a variety of products. If the material of the display packaging is not environmentally friendly it can cause detrimental effects on the environment.

After all, even the display packaging ends up as waste as well. There are multiple factors that create display packaging and have an environmental impact. The printing style, digital or traditional (flexography and litho lamination), adds to the impact of display packaging on the environment just as much as the material. While making the shift to sustainable options the brand needs to consider every way the display packaging negatively impacts the environment.

Why do we need to shift to sustainable options?

Our environment is deteriorating every day. With every step we take towards sustainability, we aid our planet to survive for a little longer. All of us, regardless of our nation, have faced the impact of global warming. The earth’s temperature has risen which is a result of our own practices. The packaging industry contributes more than 100 million tons of plastic to the world. This plastic either ends up in landfills or ends up creating another waste planet in the ocean.

In either case, it ends up as another factor that is causing our environment to deteriorate. In order to save the planet from further catastrophe all the industries need to work in alliance. We can work for the betterment of our society simply by making a shift to sustainable options.

The second reason for brands to make this shift is because it is in their best interests. Even the United Nations has launched its sustainable development goals (SDGs). The consumers of a variety of products demand the brands shift towards sustainable packaging. Even the response rate of consumers was observed to shift towards eco-conscious brands as compared to those that still use standard packaging.

Furthermore, brands can create entire marketing campaigns for their products using sustainable packaging as a sales point. Most consumers show a positive response to the brands that choose sustainable packaging options as compared to those that remain adamant about their practices.

Choosing Sustainable Options

Any packaging option that uses less plastic and has a low carbon footprint is considered environmentally friendly. Even if brands cannot eliminate plastic entirely they can make the shift to mixed plastic options that do not harm the environment as much. The main issue with plastic is its slow rate of degradation. If an amalgamation of materials containing a percentage of plastic hastens the degradation process then it can also be deemed environmentally friendly.

Every little step makes a huge difference when taken in the right direction. Here are a few ways you can contribute to the betterment of the environment. If you are iphone user and you are looking for best vpn for your iphone you can read our latest blog turn off vpn on iphone

Shipping and Return Packaging

With the help of minor design changes the packaging can be used for both shipping purposes and return purposes. Display packaging already serves a two-fold purpose. If you add this feature to the packaging then it will reduce the environmental impact of packaging even further.

Compostable Material

The material in the packaging can be made into compostable material. Through compostable material, the packaging will have a negligent carbon footprint. It will not take up any space in landfills as the material, after being composted, will be used for fertilization or other purposes. However, ensure that every bit of the packaging, including materials like stickers and tape, is also compostable.

Reuse and Repurpose

Figure out ways for the packaging to have more purposes than to just ship and display the product. You can create channels where the packaging can end up back at the brand to be reused. Through a little bit of creativity display packaging can be repurposed for other products.

Recycled Material

If plastic is absolutely necessary for the packaging then the brands can opt for recycled plastics. There are plenty of plastics going to waste every day. You can repurpose the plastics and mold them into your desired shape for packaging. However, it may take a few extra steps of production but it will save plenty of plastics from going to waste for a couple more days.

Final Words

There is no denying that global warming is a real threat to our environment. Every one of us is responsible for tackling this issue collectively. As a society, it is imperative that we understand the gravitas of the situation and act on it accordingly. By shifting to environment-friendly custom packaging from standardized packaging you can help the environment just as much as you might end up helping your brand. In order to help the environment you have to make a few changes to your packaging.

One of the options is to choose biodegradable material for your product’s packaging needs, this will reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Another way you can transform the packaging industry is to choose reusable packaging. The customers may get to use the package some other way and you will prevent tonnes of waste from filling just another landfill.


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