The pipe inner coating technology

coating technology Pipe internal  coating construction technology at present, the gas pipeline inner coating of drag reduction technology in Europe and the United States developed countries has been widely used in pipeline industry, for example, Canada and Germany has built large diameter pipeline, spray on the inner wall of the pipeline, epoxy coating, in order to reduce the friction of gas transportation.


To make the internal coating of drag reduction technology in pipeline reflect its good characteristics in the actual operation, we must attach importance to pipeline inner coating, because the pipeline inner coating is a key technology of the internal coating construction, internal coating quality will directly influence on the performance of the internal coating technology and service life. Could be attained only the use of advanced and reliable technology, high quality of coating steel pipe, and effectively extend the service life of pipeline, greatly improve the efficiency of the pipe production run after.


Pipe internal coating technology research starts late in our country, especially in long distance, large diameter gas pipeline engineering has not yet been application examples, to strengthen the research. As astringent NingLan, zhong wu, west to east gas pipeline length for the construction of gas pipeline, internal coating drag reduction technology will get promoted, therefore, must carefully study and master the coating technology of internal coating, strictly control the quality of the coating process, promote the application of internal coating technology in our country.


Increase Your Sales by Using Independent Sales Reps Why would I be interested in using Independent Sales Representatives?
Simply put, to achieve more sales, faster, and at lower cost than other methods.

While Independent Sales Representatives or Manufacturer’s Reps are not right for all circumstances, their outstanding advantages could be right for you. Especially, if you need to take your company into new markets or grow existing markets with a lower up-front cost.


What is an Independent Sales Representative?


An Independent Sales Rep, also known as a Manufacturer’s Rep, is an independent business composed of sales, marketing and customer service professionals, representing at least two related but non-competing products in a well-defined territory, and primarily compensated through commissions. The Principal can be a manufacturer, distributor, importer, or service provider.


An Independent Sales Rep is not the same as “inside” sales, showroom sales, or telephone sales. An Independent Sales Rep may use showrooms, trade shows or the telephone to interact with customers. But their primary focus is to work face-to-face with customers, often traveling to meet with them to show products and services, close sales, provide training and solve issues. Commonly, Independent Sales Reps carry complementary product lines and cover a territory suited to effective coverage of the account base.


What is a Sales Agency?


A Sales Agency, also known as a Rep Agency, offers a management structure and a team of two or more Independent Sales Representatives. Sales Agencies generally operate regionally. Just as in the case of an Independent Sales Rep acting in a solo fashion, sales agencies sell multiple product lines that do not compete with each other. Sales Agencies sometime have a provide showroom space as part of their services.


What is a National Sales Force?


A National Sales Force is the combination of any inside sales capability plus outside Sales Agencies plus Independent Sales Reps, along with administrative and support personnel who jointly cover a country. It is common to build up to a National Sales Force incrementally, with only one or more regions in the beginning. Expanding coverage to more regions, and eventually to a full National Sales Force depends upon success in the regional markets.


To what extent do manufacturers use Independent Sales Representatives?


According to the Research Institute of America, from 50 to 80 percent of U.S. manufacturers use Independent Sales Representatives, depending upon the industry.


How do I know if there are Independent Sales Reps or Manufacturer’s Reps in my industry?


Virtually every industry has Independent Sales Reps. For example: Agriculture, Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, OEM, Wholesale, Distributors, Retail, Transportation, Information, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental, Professional Management, Administrative & Support, Waste Management, Educational, Health Care & Hospitals, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Recreation, Hotel & Motel, Food & Restaurant, and Public Administration.


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