Tips for Turning an Old House into a ‘Smart Home’

Smart home is building automation for the home. Involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and security, as well as various household appliances.

In the current digital era, the technology ecosystem is an important part of the development needs of the Internet of Things (IOT). And not only that, many home designs also use this technology-based approach. We know this as a smart home or smart home.

This smart house is claimed to be able to provide various conveniences when carrying out daily activities. Some activities, especially those related to the home, can be automated. This smart home concept is even claimed to provide maximum security guarantees compared to conventional home models or those that have not received a technology-based approach.

For those of you who want to know more about what a smart home is, and especially how to change or transform an old house into a smart home based on the latest technology, check out the following tips.

However, first let’s find out briefly what is a smart home?

What is a Smart Home

According to Wikipedia, a smart home is building automation for the home. Involves the control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security, as well as household appliances such as washers/dryers, ovens, or refrigerators/freezers.

In the smart home concept, Wi-Fi technology is often used for remote monitoring and control. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub sometimes called a “gateway” where the system is controlled with a user interface that interacts with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer, or web interface. .

So, that way we can define a smart home as a home design with a touch of the latest technology. This concerns and integrates developments in internet technology in arranging and designing a residence or residence.

Turning an Old House into a Smart Home

There are several easy ways to turn an old house into a smart home. One way is by integrating the latest technology into the home. Replacing lights, door handles, and using CCTV.

Below are several choices of smart devices that we can try, so that our homes can be ‘smarter’ and provide convenience when carrying out activities.

  • App based Smart LED Light

Smart Home

LED is an energy-saving lamp that has an important function in the lighting ecosystem. Currently, LED lights can be automated and are called Smart LEDs which can be controlled via an application. This Smart LED can change color as desired and can also be scheduled when the light turns off or on simply through the application on the smartphone.

  • Fingerprint based lock

Smart Home

Doors with ordinary lock handles are now considered outdated and considered less secure. That’s why, in the smart home concept, the use of door locks is also based on fingerprints and WiFi.

Apart from that, whether for practical reasons or other reasons, doors with fingerprint-based locks are also claimed to be more secure. Even models that tend to be more ‘contemporary’ can also be used as an aesthetic addition.

Smart Home

Apart from the fingerprint feature, the door model in a smart home also provides convenience to its occupants, where each occupant can have direct access automatically via the internet network to open and/or lock the door. Once again this is done via an application on the smartphone.

These fingerprint and WiFi network based locks are widely produced and sold at affordable prices.

  • Smart Plug

Smart Home

Smart plugs are the latest innovation from several other smart home products. Smart plugs are automatically much safer and more practical than regular plug versions.

Smart plugs have features that can be controlled remotely using an internet connection. Apart from that, this can also be controlled via a timer which is set directly from the application on the smartphone.

  • Smart universal remote

Smart Home

A smart remote is a tool that can help make electronic items that use a remote become ‘smarter’.

Some ordinary electronic items with remotes can be turned into quite ‘smart’ using this smart universal remote. Like TV, AC, or DVD for example. All of these devices can be controlled via an application on a smartphone.

Apart from that, the application can also be accessed by all members or residents of the house. This smart device can also be accessed using voice command applications such as SIRI or Google Assistant. This is certainly very easy, isn’t it?

  • Smart CCTV

As we all know, CCTV is a common and quite important device used in security. And currently the use of CCTV is increasingly sophisticated with easy access via smartphone.

You only need an internet connection to do it.

smart home rumah pintar 4

  • Video doorbell

smart home rumah pintar 3

The doorbell is also one of the things that is quite important in the concept of a residence. In the smart home concept itself, there is something called a smart doorbell. This can help monitor your surroundings from anywhere.

This smart doorbell is equipped with a camera capable of displaying HD 1080 quality video on a smartphone. Apart from that, this ringing doorbell is also equipped with a speaker and microphone so that we can talk to visitors who come. It is also equipped with motion sensors and infrared night vision.

smart home rumah pintar 5

  • Smart Trash Can

Smart trash cans are another innovation that can make your home feel more hygienic and practical. Smart bin products currently appearing on the market also use a touch of technology.

Like this trash can lid which can open automatically. With cover sensing, from a distance of 0-35 cm the trash can lid can be opened directly. The method is very easy because we no longer need to open the lid of the trash can manually.

smart home rumah pintar 6

Apart from that, the smart bin also uses Thermaplastic Sealing technology which will automatically wrap and tear the plastic when the bin is full, then replace it with a new plastic bag. Sophisticated isn’t it!

Important things when choosing smart home devices

Apart from knowing what devices can make your home smarter, there are several important things you should pay attention to before buying or owning one. These are two of them:

  • Adjust to Needs

To make your home even smarter, be more selective in choosing what devices you need. Brand is also not a determining factor, because currently there are many smart home device manufacturers.

Choose smart home devices that have functions that can support and facilitate various daily activities. The 7 smart home devices above are just some of them.

  • Adequate Internet Ecosystem

Internet is a necessity and even an important prerequisite for a smart home. Without it, this won’t work.

All kinds of features available on smart home devices require an internet connection. This connection should be fast and stable enough, although there are also some devices that do not require an internet connection, such as fingerprint door locks and/or CCTV.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to integrate technology into your home. In conclusion, having a smart home is not difficult. The point is only in the choice of smart devices that we can try and integrate into the home. Just adjust it to your needs.

Come on, take advantage of technology to support and facilitate our various daily activities. Integrating it into the home is no exception.

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