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What is WhatsApp bulk sender

WA Sender Free Bulk Messaging. WhatsApp batch allows companies to send Messaging to many customers. WA Sender’s text message will be automatically sent to the customer’s contact with one click. Isn’t that easy?

What is WhatsApp bulk sender?

WhatsApp group sender is a function of the WhatsApp Business API, which can simultaneously send group messages to multiple contacts. The advantage of WhatsApp group sender is that it will send messages to your previously unsaved numbers.

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Customers who don’t save your contacts will still receive messages with your company name as the sender (WhatsApp is blocked). Additionally, a green tick will be next to your company name, indicating a verified or official account. Therefore, customers naturally trust that the information you send is correct.

Mass messages are sent via the official business version of WhatsApp/WhatsApp API. WA Business API is integrated with other applications. The WhatsApp Business API also does not limit the number of administrators and automatically saves chat records and contact numbers.

Difference between WhatsApp Business Regular and WhatsApp Business API


What are the advantages of using WhatsApp Bulk?

WA mass sender can send mass messages to several clients at once. Apart from that, there are many benefits of using WhatsApp Bulk Sender, including:

  • Send messages to multiple contacts for free; there is no need to save contact numbers
  • Messages can be personalized
  • There are reports of messages sent, unsent, read, or unread
  • Large orders will be received on the same day
  • Promote marketing activities

What is the function of WhatsApp group messages?

As we all know, WhatsApp can send messages to an unlimited number of subscribers simultaneously. This can save time and attract more customers. Apart from these features, WhatsApp group senders also support other features that can help you develop a better business, including:

Chatbot virtual assistant

Artificial intelligence (AI) supports the virtual assistant, which can automatically and quickly respond to every customer request. Therefore, you don’t have to bother responding to customers who reply to most of your messages.

WhatsApp CRM integration

This integration allows you to build relationships with customers quickly. CRM will manage all customer information, such as name, contact number, interaction history, etc. This information can help you personalize the bulk messages you send your customers.

WhatsApp automation

Automation functions play a role in saving and downloading customer-business interactions. The history is then combined into a database system that the support team can easily access to serve customers, including sending personalized WA bulk senders.

Multi-agent WhatsApp

After you send WA bulk sender, many customer messages may come in asking for further information about the contents of the message you sent. This feature allows you to access WhatsApp of multiple administrators simultaneously from multiple devices. This helps companies respond to customers faster through multiple administrators.


According to the settings, this feature automatically forwards customer messages to the support team. You don’t need to assign agents individually to respond to customers. This benefits the business because it can resolve customer problems more quickly.

Verification badge (green tick)

The green check mark on your WA mass sender account indicates that the WhatsApp account has been proven to have a business. This can increase credibility in the eyes of customers and their trust in most of the messages you send.

Report dashboard

WhatsApp batch function has a dashboard that provides interactive analysis reports. The dashboard will display the status of the message sender, such as the message has been sent, not sent, read, etc.

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