What are the Criteria for an Ideal and Effective Office Space?

A study shows that open concept office interiors actually have a negative impact on employee productivity and well-being. It is felt that using a cubicle will not help much.

Recently, a study found a correlation between office space design ideas and their positive or even negative impact, especially on employee or worker performance. In the research, it was proven that a suitable office space concept can only facilitate creative thinking if it offers space for focused work and therapeutic activities at the same time.

Research proves that the right office interior concept can positively influence and ultimately increase productivity. This automatically has a positive impact on the company’s overall performance.

Science does have its considerations and views regarding the office or the workspace layout. Recent research even shows that open-concept office interiors hurt employee productivity and well-being. Using a cubicle may not help much.

Suzanne Carlson, head of interior design at NBBJ, says, “Cognitive focus can be strengthened and supported by the physical environment.” he said as quoted by HuffPost. According to him, the physical environment, especially the interior concept, can be a determining factor in the success of a company organization.

Susan is known as someone who focuses on workplace design. He is skilled at understanding the psychology of space, creating the most responsive environment to address the human and business issues behind organizations. She aims to develop a culture of collaboration and empowerment for her clients and her team.

Meanwhile, NBBJ itself, where he works, is a company that operates in the fields of architecture, planning, and design. The company has worked for Google, Amazon, Samsung, Nike, Boeing, and Macy’s.

According to the Huffington Post, several criteria for an ideal and practical office layout must be considered to have a positive impact and increase work productivity.


A building without windows is an impossibility. A room with windows will feel very stuffy and comfortable.

The existence of this window is closely related to lighting and air circulation. A room with many window openings is undoubtedly healthier than one with few.

Likewise, with workspaces or office spaces. The absence of windows means that someone inside is only exposed to artificial light. This has a destructive impact on health. The human body must get sufficient exposure to sunlight during the day.


The harmful impact of lack of exposure to natural light is what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a type of depression associated with seasonal changes. And if you want workers or employees to avoid depression, providing lots of window openings is the best solution. confirms this in How Office Design and Layout Can Affect Mental Health.

The presence of windows is also very good for stimulating or stimulating the brain. Apart from that, the company of lots of windows can also make the room feel more spacious.


Angela Wright, color psychologist and author of the book The Beginner’s Guide to Color Psychology, revealed that color can mentally affect office workers. Therefore, Wright suggests using blue furniture because blue can act as an intelligence stimulant.


Apart from blue, Angela also recommends another color, namely yellow. Yellow is a bright color that inspires creativity, as red can influence physical conditions, and green can create an element of calm.

A Personal Touch at the Work Desk

One psychology student from the University of Exeter conducted research and studied a local company where he divided workers into four groups. One group could not personalize the workspace, while the other could decorate the walls without reconfiguring the furniture. Another group was allowed to reconfigure it as they saw fit, and the final group was given the freedom to decorate the workspace but was ultimately forced to adhere to the rules.

Startling. The group that was able to reconfigure their workspace showed the most positive results. They report experiencing improvements in concentration, mood, organization, and productivity.


Noise Cancellation

If the office space is located in a large metropolitan city, noise is a significant problem; this can hurt productivity. The consequences can be fatal if an office building is not soundproof from the outside. Workers’ concentration and focus can be disturbed by this noise.


It is best to design an office space or office building using soundproofing. The noise problem is one thing that cannot be ignored if you want a good level of productivity.


A survey conducted by Texas State University in 2008 of 450 office workers whose rooms used lots of green plants stated that most respondents said plants could freshen up the atmosphere and improve their mood.

This survey raises undeniable facts about how office design designed with a natural approach can have a positive effect.


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