What to Expect in a Dementia Nursing Home: A Guide to Daily Life and Support

An individual having dementia will require proper support and care as it is a progressive disorder and the symptoms of this condition get worse over time. You might not be able to fulfil all their medical requirements at home for long. So, you must look for a dementia nursing home with a long-term care facility to help the individual stay under the supervision of a doctor. In this article, you will get to know about the types of dementia care in nursing homes and what to expect from a dementia care facility.

Facilities of a Dementia Nursing Home

Here are some of the vital things you should expect from a dementia nursing home:

  • Safety

The safety of an individual having dementia is a top-most priority in a nursing home. The entry of the care facility must be protected to ensure that an outsider does not wander around. In addition, a nursing home should have 24 x 7 on-site security for the safety of the individuals.

  • Comfort

A dementia care centre must ensure that the individual feels at home inside the facility. It must have comfortable seating and bedding to bring a homelike feel. The nursing home should have ample space for group interaction. It should also include a common area and a relaxation room for recreational activities.

  • Staff

The attitude of the staff of a nursing home is also one of the most important factors that you need to consider while getting the patient admitted. Staff should have a keen knowledge of dementia conditions and must extend their help to patients with utmost care. They must be well-trained to provide personalised treatment on the basis of a patient’s requirements.

  • Therapy Session

An elderly person suffering from dementia requires constant care and monitoring. A nursing home will ensure that they receive their therapy on time and take proper care of their medical and healthcare requirements. In addition, the nursing home you choose should have physicians who can provide the best medical plan to individual patients.

  • Dining 

Proper nutrition is very important for people living with dementia. Nursing homes must provide easy-to-digest, balanced and nutritional foods to individuals. Having an ideal dining area in a nursing home is also a must for in-home care services. The dining table should be quiet because noise can be distressing for many individuals living with dementia.

  • Communication

When an individual is moving to a dementia nursing home, the family member wants to stay in touch with the care facility. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you can make a query about the medical condition of the patient.

Types of Dementia Care in Nursing Homes

The following are the three types of dementia care in nursing homes:

  • Dementia Specific Wards

A dementia nursing home has specific units or sections of healthcare experts who treat individuals with advanced dementia conditions. These specific units have specialised doctors, nurses and assistants who have long years of experience.

  • Dementia-Friendly Nursing Homes

These nursing homes are suitable for people who have mild dementia symptoms and can move on their own. Such patients may need help with activities like cooking personal care or shopping and medications if required. However, it is not suitable for people with severe dementia symptoms who need thorough attention and supervision.

  • Dementia Secure Wards

The secure wards are separate sections in a nursing home that provide support to individuals with dementia condition. It is suitable for individuals having advanced symptoms like psychological and behavioural change. Those patients may not be properly supervised in a general dementia ward or home environment. Many nursing homes provide secure wardens to such individuals to ensure they stay comfortable and their activities are monitored.

Treatments for Dementia Patient

A dementia nursing home includes the following techniques in their activities to slow down the progress of this medical condition:

  • Organising behavioural management programs and arts or crafts sessions to stimulate their sensory system.
  • Exercises are helpful to strengthen their muscles and maintain balance.
  • Music and games regulate their mood and improve their social engagement.
  • Therapy to address their anxiety and depression.
  • Conducting speech therapy to improve their speaking and understanding capability.

When looking for a dementia nursing home, you should ensure aspects like safety and comfort in the care facility. It should ideally provide a personalised care plan for every individual according to their needs so that the symptoms of this condition stay under control.

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