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The development in the lighting industry over the last decade has shifted largely towards the LED technology. LED stands for light emitting diodes and they provide several benefits than the traditional incandescent and fluorescent types of lighting in aspects such as efficiency, durability, lifespan amongst others. With the increasing global consumption of the <a href=keyword>LED Module Wholesale</a>, it has become common for lighting designers, installers and the end consumers to look for new wholesale direct price per piece from the manufacturer.


The following are the benefits of purchasing wholesale led modules:  


Purchasing wholesale LED Module Wholesale directly from the manufacturer provides several key benefits:Purchasing wholesale LED modules directly from the manufacturer provides several key benefits:


Lower Per Unit Costs

Exempting distribution channels results to the advantage of the receiving customers since they get the chance to pay the lowest price per piece or unit. This gives the manufacturer the ability to give higher volume discounts, thus enabling the customer to make the most out of it.


Quality and Consistency

This way of purchasing also helps in ensuring that the quality of purchased units for instance bearing or other parts is not compromised because they are sourced from the same supplier as the originals offered by the manufacturer. This is better in achieving uniformity in lighting projects as compared with the latter strategy.  


Single Supplier Convenience

Instead of having to deal with different suppliers for their LED requirements, clients can rely on a single supplier that offers everything. This streamlines procurement processes.


Criteria to consider when choosing an LED module manufacturer include the following;


Therefore, the right partner can help in leveraging on the benefits that are integral to the concept of direct wholesale procurement. Key factors to evaluate include:Key factors to evaluate include:


Production Capabilities

Search for manufacturing that utilizes automation technologies and the most advanced machinery to be able to manufacture large quantities at a go. This enables competitive pricing. In addition, lean and just-in-time strategies can foster the achievement of responsiveness and delivery reliability.


Industry Experience

It is possible to search by the company’s establishment whose presence should be no less than 5 years. Understanding the specifics of the industry is beneficial for manufacturers to deliver capabilities and services that professional lighting consumers eventually demand. 


Breadth of Modules Offered

The manufacturer should target a wide variety of form factors, wattages, beam angles, color temperatures, optics, drivers and any other use cases one may need. Therefore, having a single source of supply minimizes the inconvenience of trying to combine and coordinate different individual suppliers.


Custom Design Services

Additional to the issues mentioned above, for customers who require OEM lighting that is not covered by standard off-the-shelve modules from regular stores, the manufacturer should offer design services to create specific LED solutions for the exact application.


Responsiveness and Support

Therefore, the manufacturer should be ready to offer adequate customer service involving providing quotes, taking orders, or general technical advice or any issues arising with the product. It is advised to search for availability during normal working days of their timezone.


Selecting a wholesaler and purchasing LED modules from a leading manufacturer</Selecting a wholesaler and purchasing LED modules from a leading manufacturer


Being one of the most prominent LED lighting manufacturers in Asia, LightEx possesses the capacity for fulfilling all requirements of professional lighting clients all over the world who are looking for cost-efficient wholesale modules tailored to their project specifications.   By leveraging our intelligent manufacturing solution accompanied with the strict quality control, LightEx is able to provide a high value, low reduce, and strong support to all of our wholesale LEDs at a competitive per unit price.


Automated production for volume manufacturing automation is a key to efficient, high production rate and cost effective production.

It has state-of-art SMT pick-and-place, coating and testing facilities which offer efficient and accurate production of LED modules through fully automated lines. This allows us to make volume pricing which in turns makes acquiring bulk affordable as it is with every wholesale.


Infact, it has a complete range of options in terms of LED modules to offer to its clients with much more varieties in its product line.  

We have one of the most extensive catalogues in the lighting industry – LED packages and their combinations possible in terms of the package type, wattage, form factor, lenses/reflectors, heat sinks, etc. With catalog, customers can source for all the needs for any module they intend to order. It is also important to note that we provide OEM design and manufacturing services that are done to customer-specified requirements.


Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty

Owing to our highly effective QA testing measures and the incorporation of superior quality LED emitters as well as components, LightEx stands by its array of LED modules with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, which would go on to offer utmost reassurance to the clients.


Having been in business as a wholesale LED module supplier for over a decade now, LightEx has the capacity and expertise to accommodate the needs of professional customers fully and position their operations for a chance at the savings they seek in lighting projects. This makes LED Module Wholesale comfortable for the buyers as they are assured of quality, services, fast and affordable large order fulfillment.



We urge lighting industry people to get in touch with our sales department today to know more about LightEx and why it is ideal to be a wholesale LED lighting manufacturer. Request for samples and see for yourself the performance of our modules. Please tell us how we can earn the right to be your direct supplier of reliable, long-lasting, and competitively-priced LED lighting modules.


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