1.5 Crore Views on YouTube Money

1.5 Crore Views on YouTube Money

It can be challenging to estimate your likely income whether you’re considering starting a YouTube channel or attempting to find out how to expand it.

It can be difficult to forecast how many views you need to generate a living due to various monetization methods and YouTube’s unpredictable ad income.

Getting 1.5 crore views on a video is a significant milestone that will be examined in this article. And how much you generally receive from YouTube for achieving that goal.

Your channel’s niche and total viewer engagement are just a couple of the variables that influence how much YouTube will pay you for 1.5 crores views.

You Must Sign Up for the Partner Program as a Prerequisite.

Before you can even begin to get paid by YouTube, there is one fundamental thing you must do. The YouTube Partner Program must be joined.

If not, even if one of your films becomes popular and receives millions of views, you won’t get paid.

You must comply with YouTube monetization standards and community rules, have at least 1,000 subscribers (check more for buyYouTubeSubscribers), and have accumulated more than 4,000 legitimate public watch hours in the previous year to be eligible. The portal will also allow 1,000 members and 10 million views of Shorts beginning in February 2023.

Additionally, you must reside in an area where the Partner Program is accessible and have a linked Google AdSense account.

You won’t be able to start using the platform to make money until you’ve completed all of these steps and signed up for the Program via YouTube Studio.

How Much Money Do You Get From YouTube for 1.5 Crores  Views?

Once you’ve signed up for the Partner Program, you can use two measures to estimate how much money you’ll make from AdSense adverts.

The first is CPM and the second is CPC.

Cost per mille (CPM) is the abbreviation for the Latin word for 1,000. It reveals the cost to marketers of 1,000 impressions. Typically, CPM rates are used by advertisers who choose to insert their adverts near the beginning of a film.

Revenue Per Mille (RPM) is what remains after deducting YouTube’s portion from CPM. But that’s not the complete picture. This is because RPM also incorporates earnings from other monetization tools, including Super Thanks, that support creators more directly.

Cost Per Click is referred to as CPC. This measure reveals the cost that advertisers incur for each ad click. Through this arrangement, advertisers often pay for the advertisements that appear around the video but not within it.

It’s advisable to concentrate on CPM / RPM as a statistic when estimating your YouTube earnings because it is more dependable than CPC.


On the platform, CPC values are typically in the range of $0.50. Though they can be as low as $0.50 or as high as $43 for some videos, CPM rates typically range from $2 to $15.

According to CPM, this video milestone has a price range of $500 to $43,000, with an average of $7,600.

What a broad range.

What, therefore, are the elements that can enable you to focus? Here is the skinny.

What Elements Affect Your Payment from YouTube for a 1.5 crores View?

Your niche, your audience, your location, and the length of your videos all play a major role in determining how much YouTube will pay you for a million views.

You’re Niche

Your average ad income will first be influenced by your niche.

For instance, ad rates for financial and entrepreneurship-related channels are greater than those for channels that emphasise fashion or cuisine.

Gaming channels can have ad rates as low as $2 CPM, while vlog and entrepreneurship channels typically have rates around $5.

The explanations behind this are quite simple. Advertising income is substantially greater in categories relating to finance. And because of that, they are happy to pay more for the auction-based ad allocation mechanism on YouTube.

Your Audience’s Profile

Your audience’s demographics are another aspect that affects how much money you’ll make from a million views.

What advertisements appear on your videos will ultimately affect how much money you get from commercials. This in turn depends on the viewer’s geographic location, viewing history, gender, Google search history, age bracket, and use of mobile advertisements.

As a result, you will make more money per million views from an audience with higher disposable income, whose purchasing patterns and general interests in high-potential niches are obvious from their search and viewing history.


Your geographic location should be taken into account when determining your income. You must consider your location, the language of your films, and the region of your target audience.

Western European high-income nations often have the highest CPM rates. Norway and Germany, with CPM rates of $43 and $39 respectively, are said to have the best potential.

Local audiences in high-income nations can be targeted with material created by YouTubers in these locations and their native tongues.

Video Duration

The duration of your video is a final consideration that affects how much 1.5 crores views will bring in.

You can place advertising in the middle of your YouTube video if it is at least 8 minutes long. These mid-roll advertisements increase your overall revenue, especially if you strategically place them throughout your material.

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